UN Human Rights Council Special Session on Burma

See UN Watch’s powerful speech, delivered by director of communications Leon Saltiel. 

The Human Rights Council special session on Burma went relatively well. Most of the countries taking the floor condemned the recent violence and urged democratic reforms in Burma.

The most outrageous statement was made by Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Ambassador Masood Khan said that “more innocent civilians have died in Palestine a few days ago in twenty four hours as a result of Israeli military action than in the whole of Myanmar” but this “has not received the same degree of attention from the media or this Council.”  See full text: Pakistan on Burma

Observers reported seeing the British ambassador approach the Palestinian representative to question him on the absurdity of this statement.

Russia said that the events in Burma are not a direct threat to international peace and security and should not be used as an excuse to interfere in internal affairs. The humanitarian situation is far from urgent and needs no special measures.

Myanmar (Burma) said the international media “blew the situation out of proportion” and accused the West of manipulating events in order to intervene. Click for full text:  Myanmar speech.

1 Response to “UN Human Rights Council Special Session on Burma”

  • Indeed, this was, admirably, a powerful speech. Sadly, I sense, perhaps I am too jaded, these powerful words will solely fall upon pathetic ears and amoral minds.

    Forgive my cynicism; the UN is no more than a front for Third World despotism; tailor-made by Russia and China, to mete out their aspirations by proxy. The unceasing carnage in Burma is but one of many atrocities being perpetrated on this planet. All of which the UN has chosen to prattle, no more than, sanctimonious banter in condemnation of these, unceasing, crimes against humanity.

    This, inertness, consequentially is propped up by the somewhat cowed western democracies, in particular one flaccid body; namely, the EU.

    This is not to say, UN Watch’s cause is a fruitless one; without a doubt, not. These gutless wonders must be taken to task and to be held accountable, unreservedly responsible for their spineless politicking at the cost of tens, more so, hundreds of thousands of lives throughout this planet. Keep up the hard fought fight; I am in your corner, with numerous others: this is where my cynicism ends and my hope begins.

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