Mullahs tell UN Durban II conference: Iran is free of racism

In advance of next week’s first major planning session of the UN’s “Durban II” conference on racism, member states have filled out questionnaires on their actions and policies to combat discrimination. Iran’s submission, however, dodges any questions of racism in that country, which it says is blessed with “the absence of any division based on race or ethnicity in any walk of life.”

Asked by the UN to identify manifestations of racism “with a view to eliminating them in your country,” Iran sidestepped any reference to its own treatment of minorities. Instead, Tehran pointed the finger at other countries, accusing them of “defamation of religions” and Islamophobia, and devoted a large section to “gross and systematic violation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian

Although the UN General Assembly condemned Iran in December for its violations against Arabs, Azeris, Baluchis, Kurds, Christians, Jews, Sufis, Sunni Muslims and Baha’is, the submission by the fundamentalist regime made no reference to its treatment of these groups.

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  • The truth is that there is discrimination in all level between non Persian and Persian in Iran. More than half of population can not talk and educate in mother tongue, is that not discriminating? Arab, baloches, Kurds, Turkmen and Turks are not benefited from economic of their lands, all the wealth systemically moved to central cities, all the job created planed in central Iran which it is non Persian and border people are left by minefields and misery and unemployment. Iranian Minorities human Right Organisation

  • Minorities in Iran might not be able to study in their mother languages and I have to admit that I have personally witnessed the mistreatment of Bahai’s by the government but except for Bahai’s, there is no concept of racism as a hate towards particular minorities in Iran, there is no law or practice to prevent minorities in Iran, weather religious or racial to be able to work and study in Iran.

    I strongly disagree with Reza, Being able to use the economics of one’s land is not in self governing the province for example by kurds or turks. the concept of central government is what keeps all these minorities under the name of the same, united country. Using the economics of the land is in using it’s resources in creating local jobs which is absolutely normal and is happening. The fact is that the investments are not based on racial matters, it’s based on resources in different areas. What you are saying is not “racial” issue and peoples “racial” rights to the land they are living in. Racism does not exist when there is no official or unofficial discrimination between people based on their race. it’s a totally different concept.

    All people in Iran are equally treated as Iranians (except for the Bahai’s again) There have not been clashed between people of different ethnicities in Iran, and will not be hopefully if some people do not start to beat the drums and make the illusion of actual different between them!

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