New Australian government changes position on UN votes against Israel

AUSTRALIA has switched its position to vote against Israel on two resolutions at the United Nations, ending the Howard government’s alignment with the United States. In the weekend vote in New York, Australia supported a resolution calling on Israel to stop establishing settlements in the Palestinian territories and a resolution calling for the Geneva Conventions to apply in the Palestinian territories.

The resolutions on the Middle East peace process are held annually and in recent years the previous Howard government refused to support either.  More

1 Response to “New Australian government changes position on UN votes against Israel”

  • I agree with Australia’s endorsement of the two resolutions. Ignoring for the moment the UN’s disproportionate interests in the Israeli-Arab conflict, I would argue that the two resolutions are in Israel’s national interest.

    Firstly, policies of settlement expansion only undermine the peace process. It’s become apparent that a “Greater Israel” is strategically, economically and militarily unviable into the longer term.

    Secondly, human right must always be protected. The resolution to apply the Geneva Convention not only seeks to protect the Palestinians from alleged (although rarely substantiated) abuses by the IDF, but also internally from opposing factions.

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