Cuba Appeals to Feminist Movements to Demand the U.S. Release “Anti-Terrorist Fighters”

At the U.N. Human Rights Council today, while various states and experts used the annual full day discussion of women’s human rights to raise critical topics of violence and discriminatory practices facing women, Cuba spent a substantial portion of its speech bashing the U.S. on an issue vaguely related to the subject of debate. 

Cuba said, “A subject of special concern is the intentional punishment imposed on  the wives of two of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters, now political prisoners in the U.S.” It complained that the U.S. “has denied them visas to visit their spouses,” calling this a “kind of psychological violence, an additional punishment imposed by the U.S. government.” It continued, “We make an appeal to governments and feminist movements to demand granting of immediate visas to these women and the liberation of these five Cubans.”

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