“Defamation of Religion” Passes Human Rights Council

The “defamation of religion” resolution (click here for text) narrowly passed the Human Rights Council this afternoon, with 20 members voting in favor of the resolution, 17 opposing and 8 abstentions.

Pakistan introduced the resolution, accusing Western countries of “targeting Muslims” and using “pressure instead of reason” to influence votes. “Enforcing their values as universal values reveals an imperial hubris,” he said. “Torture centers such as Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and Bagram are known to all of us. We hope that this Council will vote according to its conscience and not according to political expediency.”

The United States opposed the resolution, which it said “failed to galvanize international support for real solutions to improve the lives of people on the ground.” It called the resolution “ineffective” and an “instrument of division.”

2 Responses to ““Defamation of Religion” Passes Human Rights Council”

  • Executions by stoning, female genital mutilation, beheadings, family-honor killings, hangings of homosexuals, forced juvenile marriages, death penalty for apostasy, rioting and killing over cartoons.
    Why would anybody in their right mind criticise Islam?
    It could get them killed.

  • “Defamation of Religion” are weasel words from oppressive theocracies who have no rational answers to combat criticism. Instead, they say, “You can’t criticize us,” and try to pass laws against freedom of speech. This absurd “Defamation of Religion” Bill is an assault on reason and an assault on freedom. Shame on everyone at the UN who voted for this abomination.

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