UN Watch Welcomes News That Judge Goldstone Will Attend Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah

Geneva, April 25, 2010 – UN Watch welcomes the news, as reported by the New York Times, that Richard Goldstone, the South African judge who presided over the controversial UN Human Rights Council report into Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, will attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah ceremony at a Johannesburg synagogue next week without facing protests outside the event.

Following earlier reports last week that Judge Goldstone would not attend as a result of threatened protests by some South African Jews, UN Watch contacted the South African Jewish community to convey its concerns. UN Watch, which has numerous readers and supporters in South Africa, expressed the position that any protest surrounding a bar mitzvah ceremony would be inconsistent with basic decency and propriety.

After the story made international news, its main effect was to rally defenders of the one-sided report, who pointed to the controversy as alleged proof that opposition to the document was ad hominem and not substantive.

In an L.A. Times op-ed last week entitled “Attacking Goldstone,” Daniel Terris, director of a Brandeis University ethics center chaired by Goldstone, defended the conclusions of the UN mission, and accused “prominent critics of the report” of making “a quick leap from debate to invective.”

In fact, the most prominent critics of the report have published detailed objections, including the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, philosopher Moshe Halbertal, attorney Trevor Norwitz, Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz and the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. None of these significant documents has been met with any meaningful response.

UN Watch continues to vigorously oppose the report at the UN Human Rights Council, which recently voted to perpetuate the report’s findings and recommendations through the establishment of various committees, and to keep it on the agenda at future sessions.

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  • i support he work of UN watch, but am disappointed by your stance on Goldstone Goldstone shoud have clearly seen this was a set up for Isreal and shoulkd not have lent his name to this assault since he signed on, and did not insist on balance, he is an enemy of the Jewish people and should be treated as such

  • I agree with UN Watch but if I were Goldstone’s grandson I would simply tell him to find some other bar mitzvah to attend.

  • Judge Richard Goldstone is the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth. To pompously attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah while he destroys the State of Israel and slanders Jews world wide is repulsive. Every Jew in the world should carry a Purim noise maker. When ever and where ever you hear Goldstone’s name you must make the noise that you would make for Haman. The Jews at his grandson’s bar mitzvah should make that noise. It is too bad that a 13 year old boy must be embarrassed because of the stupidity of his grandfather but 19 year old Israeli, boys and girls, will be fighting and dying because of Goldstone. Judge Richard Haman Goldstone deserves this treatment and much, much more.

  • Bravo decency is on your/our side.

  • UN watch is correct in supporting Goldstone’s return to the family fold. The Jewish way is always to seek to reintegrrate the prodigal son.
    Once, however, the community acknowledged that there are limits. Rather than impose a permanent ban ~ a permanent herem [excommunication] ~ which would anyway play into the hands of anti-Semites, they imposed a temporary ban, as a punishment. Goldstone has yet to be punished appropriately by the Jewish community.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    it has been noted that the protest was called off because judge goldstone had agreed to appear at a symposium and face critics of the report

    will un watch be sending a representative?

    will un watch make sure that this time goldstone does not get away without answering direct questions?

  • I cannot agree with UN Watch re Golstone’s participation in the Synagogue’s celebration of his granson’s Bar Mitzvah. I think he deserves to be excommunicated from all Synagogues and Jewish communal functions until such time as he publicly withdraws his report on the Caste Lead war against Hamas in Gaza, were he took a very one-sided and misguided view of Human Rights violations, against the greatest attempts by the Israel Government and the IDF to limit these as much as possible. He did not take Hamas to account for hiding behind their civilians and civil institutions or their relentles missile attacks against Isreali civilian targets.

  • If i were in Judge Goldstone’s place I would be ashamed to face my family, but apparently he isn’t.I wish he could explain how he could sit on the same panel with the British antisemite who accused Israel even before the enquiry started and who should have excused herself as well.

  • Sirs,
    Regarding your briefing “UN Watch Welcomes News That Judge Goldstone Will Attend Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah” I am astonished to read,
    ….. will attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah ceremony at a Johannesburg synagogue next week without facing protests outside the event.
    end quote

    What is wrong with a democratic protest no matter the place or the event?
    Is the Judge Goldstone above basic democratic rules and protests?
    The Judge Goldstone has done enough harm to the State of Israel and
    his report on into Israel’s Operation Cast Lead has inflated anti-Semitism and
    anti-Israelism in Europe and America.
    We have seen “The Sturmer” style caricatures and the David Star shown in protests marches as swastika, all this, as an expression of pure democratic
    Today the Jewish people, all around the world, have the same rights as anybody else; my hope is that a big crowed of protestors will receive
    the Judge Goldstone and express our outrage to his one sided report.

    Eng Paul Zvi Sharon
    Tel Aviv – Israel

  • I agree the Judge Goldstone might be an arrogant, biased man: what I don’t understand is why he did not look at all the open windows and if he does not believe that the Jews have the right to one State (only one); why on earth bother with a BAR-MITZVA…

    And, then, the grand-son has nothing to be blamed: and, is it an eye for an eye: or a bit of forgivness for his unjust interpretations.

    Does injustice justifies injustice?

    Don’t take me wrong. I don’t agree at all with his report: but, Jews have wronged, denounced Jews throughout History.

  • Simply put, no text education can match visual exposees that can leave more impressionable images in the eyes of the ignorant! Where are the photos & films about the attrocities done by the Arab extremists in Israel?

    Hence, a total WAR ON IGNORANCE which is the roots of all evil, should be better organized and sprread starting with the elementary schools!

  • Goldstone did what no other malevolent being could, he managed to cause his own people to exclude him. Indeed his exponential work contributed to the Balkan states and to Uganda yet he didn’t realize one thing, that he was chosen to be a scapegoat for a handsome amount of money.

  • There goes the rapist…attending the wedding of the raped
    By hurting Israel’s cause – unjustifiably so, this judge has hurt me personally; And I think there are many who’d agree. However, I cannot sit in judgment over him – G_D is his judge. So go ahead Mr. Goldstone – Have your Aliyah as well, and at that time – cast your eyes at the congregants – Transpose time back to Gamliel and forward to the present and place your actions in view of the grand scheme of things. I wish you a long and healthy life, for your repentance will take much longer

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