UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer Grills U.N. Palestine Expert Richard Falk, After He Calls for World Boyocott of Israel

UN Watch Intervention
Interactive Dialogue with Richard falk, UN Expert on Palestinian Territories
Delivered by Hillel Neuer, 14 June 2010

Mr. Falk, in sections 5 and 7 of your report, you endorse those who, “wage a legitimacy war” against Israel. Similarly, on September 19th you wrote that the Goldstone Report was a key weapon in “what I have called the Legitimacy War.”

Then it is true, is it not, that what you advocate is not opposition to this or that Israeli practice, but rather a war of legitimacy against a UN member state?  Could you tell us, sir, how you justify this under the United Nations Charter?

In this regard, on May 3rd Judge Goldstone spoke about his report to an assembly of South African Jews, declaring:  “I am not aware that [it] has or is being used to delegitimize Israel.” Indeed he pledged he would object to any such use.

Sir, given that this is precisely how you are using his report, could you tell us whether Judge Goldstone has conveyed any objection, and if so, when?

In paragraph 12, you portray Hamas as a peaceful organization, referring to its, quote, “overtures.” Your support for Hamas has been so strong that, according to a March 9 report by Palestinian news agency Ma’an-citing you as the source-the Palestinian Authority asked you to quit. Not for technical reasons, as the PA representative said in this debate, but because they accuse you of being no less than “a partisan of Hamas.”

Since this council is about protecting human rights, why does your report mention nowhere that Hamas is a fundamentalist group that systematically discriminates against women, crushes religious minorities, executes political opponents, and persecutes gays? Why no mention of the Hamas Charter, which explicitly calls for the murder of Jews? Why do you disregard these gross violations of human rights?

Your report makes a dismissive reference to terrorism. Given your attitude toward Hamas; given that you published a 2008 article-signed in your UN capacity-alleging complicity of the U.S. government in the 9/11 terrorist attacks; and given that you played a key role in publishing David Ray Griffin’s book “The New Pearl Harbour” — the leading conspiracy tract arguing that 9/11 was an inside job — are you concerned about how your actions impact on the credibility of the UN in combating terrorism and protecting human rights?

Thank you, Mr. President.

7 Responses to “UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer Grills U.N. Palestine Expert Richard Falk, After He Calls for World Boyocott of Israel”

  • Hillel is doing a fanatstic and very necessary job.
    It is a pity that his is the only voice that is heard. The vast majority of the UN members, if not all, are anti israel.
    UN has never been aplace where truth and real jusice is advocated.
    Shame on the UN and shame on those members who couldn’t really care about the truth.

  • Appalling! Richard Falk is an ill-informed “expert” whose only area of expertise is in distorting the truth, promoting anti-Semitism and destroying one of our closest allies. He suffers from historical amnesia.

  • Well said Hillel. One voice of reason, truth & courage at the corrupt UN!

  • Thank you for an erudite analysis.

  • Hillel Neuer is double forked Zionist head what do you expect. only mad zionist can under stand the action of israel and ok it, he clearly does. like all zionist the man he have very good skill in distorting subject or changing it, attack muslims and islam, accuse the arabs and palestinians of what ever that could make israel and Jews shin…etc etc… one thing i have to say to this zionist fool many occupations lasted much longer and one day it crumbled. One day the justice well be served.

  • tnks for ur great job, u and US do lot of job in UN organization for the jew’s ppl …
    tnks and another tnks

  • thank you for your hard work, determination and voice of truth and reason. you are appreciated more than you know.

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