Israeli Gaza investigations disprove explosive charge of U.N. Goldstone Report

In advance of the progress report to be published shortly by U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon, the Israeli government has now published a 37-page update on the status of investigations into its 2009 war with Hamas. The report is written in a conciliatory tone, apparently intended to reassure the international community of Israel’s serious approach.The upshot is that Israel has conducted a series of thorough investigations that take into account not only its own findings but even those allegations made in reports by the UN and NGOs that it has deemed to be one-sided and flawed; that it has punished those found culpable; has drawn lessons and made changes to its operating procedures; but that, at the end of the day, the core thesis of the U.N.’s Goldstone Report — that Israel’s 2009 campaign set out deliberately to kill civilians — continues to be utterly false and without any basis.

The Israeli government announcement follows below.

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  • The biggest possible beneficial long-time effect of all these Israeli efforts will be – hopefully understood even by the hostile Western nations to Israel – is the complete discrediting of Goldstone, his team members and his phony so-called report.

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