Global NGO Campaign to Remove Libya from the UN Human Rights Council

The election of the Libyan Arab Jamahariya to the United Nations Human Rights Council is an outrage to the global human rights community. Given its notorious record as one of the world’s worst violators of human rights, the Qaddafi regime’s membership on the Council flies in the face of the United Nations’ promise, enshrined in Resolution 60/251 (2006), to elect member states that are committed to the promotion and protection of human rights.

As a global coalition of non-governmental organizations dedicated to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we refuse to remain silent. We call on the international community to invoke Article 8 of the aforementioned resolution, which provides for the suspension of membership of states that commit systematic violations of human rights, unless and until the Qaddafi regime:

·  Ends its systematic violation of the right to life, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to equality, the right to peaceful assembly, and the right to free political organization;

·  Ends its practices of arbitrary arrest, torture, and discrimination against minorities, in particular, the persecution of two million black African migrants;

·  Acknowledges its crimes committed against the six medical workers, who were framed in 1998 under false charges of poisoning children with HIV, and then imprisoned, tortured, and sentenced to death row; apologizes; and provides full compensation to the six victims;

·  Acknowledges its crimes in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and ceases to celebrate the convicted Libyan agent who was released from prison last year;

·   Agrees to an international, independent investigation into the imprisonment and torture of Libyan human rights activist and dissident Fathi Eljahmi, resulting finally in his death in 2009; and

·   Agrees to an international, independent investigation into the massacre of an estimated 1200 prisoners of the Abu Salim prison.

Robert Monetti
Victims of Pan Am 103 Association

Dr. Mohamed M. Bugaighis
American Libyan Freedom Alliance

Hillel C. Neuer
United Nations Watch, Switzerland

Franck Kamunga
Droits Humains Sans Frontieres

Bart Woord
International Federation of Liberal Youth

Khaled Ghawi
Association of Libya Imal / Libya Future

Mamadi Kaba
African Assembly for the Defense of Human Rights (Raddho-Guinee)

Amina Bouayach
Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH)

Mike Gesa Munabi
Students for Global Democracy Uganda

Gibreil I. M. Hamid
Darfur Peace and Development Center

Dr. Theodor Rathgeber
Forum Human Rights, Germany

Siaka Coulibaly
Burkina Faso Civil Society Organizations Network for Development

Tilder Kumichii Ndichia
Gender Empowerment and Development

Kok Ksor
The Montagnard Foundation

Ulrich Delius
Society for Threatened Peoples, Germany

Harris O. Schoenberg
UN Reform AdvocatesMaría José Zamora Solórzano
Movimiento por Nicaragua 

Sister Catherine C. Waters
Catholic International Education Office (OIEC)

Sylvia G. Iriondo
Mothers & Women Against Repression

Mrs. C. Gautam
Nepal International Consumers Union

Logan Maurer
International Christian Concern

Obinna Egbuka
Youth Enhancement Organization, Nigeria

Virginia S. Mueller
International Association of Women Lawyers

Dickson Mugendi David Ntwiga
Solidarity House International

Robert Triozzi
Chief, FRDP

Klaus Netter
Main Representative, CBJO

Armand Azoulai
Main Representative, BBI

Dr. Marlette Black
International Presentation Association

8 Responses to “Global NGO Campaign to Remove Libya from the UN Human Rights Council”

  • In light of Libya’s own record regarding the gross violations of it’s own country’s citizens, it considerably reduces UN credibility to have Libya a member of the “Human Rights Council.”

    Please consider removing them from such an unseemly position.

  • in name of BB Geneva

  • Ever since Gaddafi came to power the world has known that he is a dictator without concern for the people and that human rights is a joke in Libya. Why is it such a surprise that he had his army shoot unarmed civilians?

    The UN is joke, it is the countries with money that rule. The Middle East countries show nothing but contempt for their people. Egypt massacres and ill treats Christians, and the other countries hang little girls for being raped. Why are they allowed anywhere near the human rights council? Oh, they have oil therefore money and influence. It sickens all civilised people but, alas, there are too few of us!

  • I applaud Mr. Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, as well as the other signatories for the effort on behalf of human rights,

  • Please remove Libya, thanks in advance

  • Mrs Bianca Rozanna KAPLAN

    How would the world stage of politics look with the slogan :
    ” Honesty is the best Policy ”
    By which I mean to say avoiding chronic-hypocrisy
    Diplomacy : The art of negotiations,tact in management of persons issues and affairs.
    One must always keep in mind one must keep one’s style and level on the diplomatic stage and forum.
    However looking at the world’s state of affairs,issues have to be called by name for what they are, to keep some track of clarity
    and level on the world’s political stage and world human affairs.
    We all strive and challenge for a life of freedom and liberty
    in a structured social world society and order.
    Be it Africa,Far East, Middle-East or United Europe.
    Hebrews XI : I ” Faith is the substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen ” ….?….
    Kind regards from Mrs B.R.Kaplan.

  • Lybia’s election to the UN’s Human Rights council has been a travesty that underscores everything that is wrong and biased about the UN. Anybody in their right mind with a minimal level of objectivity would have objected tooth and nail to Lybia or Iran being put in charge of human rights! The fact that they are on that comitee disqualifies the UN as an honest broker of peace, democracy and human rights, or indeed anything that is in its own charter!

  • All vestige of credibility went out the window when Libya was accorded membership of the UNHRC in the first place. How did this happen?

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