Defecting Libyan diplomat same who silenced UN testimony of victims

Adel Shaltut, Second Secretary at the Libya U.N. mission in Geneva, defected before the U.N. Human Rights council yesterday and denounced the Qaddafi regime. Yet just months ago the same Adel Shaltut tried to silence Libya victims brought by UN Watch:

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  • The UN Human Rights commission now officially has no credibility whatsoever, this corrupt organization voted Libya as a chairman of the commission and it has now been shown Libya has no regards for human right and never did. Gaddafi has used every weapon he can on his own people to crush their call for freedom and democracy. He has used jets, machine guns, hired mercenaries, basically everything that goes against human rights and even against his own people. Hypocrisy of the middle east and the UNHRC is unbelievable while attacking Israel for defending itself against rocket attacks and suicide bombers from Hamas and Hezbollah an Arab and Chair of the UNHRC who did the attacks used worst things on his own people.

    I call on the UNHRC to be disbanded or reformed (Proper Reform) only members who have a great record on Human Rights should be members which rules out China, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Zimbabwe etc etc etc. Who should be members – New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Norway and any other country with clean records (At the very least cleaner then who are current members)

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