Before he deleted it: Richard Falk’s anti-Semitic cartoon

So after he denied posting the anti-Semitic cartoon, Richard Falk has deleted it.

To see what Falk’s original post looked like with the cartoon:

  • Click here for the Google cache. (This snapshot may not be registered forever.)
  • Click here for a screen capture.
  • Click here for the print-out as sent today to UN rights chief Navi Pillay (last page of the attachment)

9 Responses to “Before he deleted it: Richard Falk’s anti-Semitic cartoon”

  • Thats absolutely disgusting.

  • He is clearly a liar, a bigot and acoward

  • Falk is symptomatic of just about everything that’s wrong at the UN.
    And, that is many things, indeed.

  • As we say, the UN is Un-American, not to mention anti-Semitic.

  • Richard Falk has a dreadful reputation for being a virulent anti-semite. And the U.N. are a toothless and terrible excuse for a representative of nations. However, both wield power and influence. It is therefore imperative that the Jewish people stand up to all bullying, antisemitism and attempts to cast Israel out of the community of nations.

  • Falk is a liar, coward and hypocrite who shoots his large filthy mouth off because there are no consequences.


  • Kudos to Ambassador Donahoe for some rare, brave statements. She’s right. Falk should resign (which he won’t) and the UN should throw him out (which it won’t). What’s the email address for Mr. Moon?

  • Yes, jewish antisemitism exists, and it is not news, – especially not new in combination with antiwest antiimerialism, like Avneri, Langer, Chomsky, Judt, … the “better” ISRAEL-flag burning or AchMadiNeedShut visiting rabbis a.o..
    Perhaps some of them belive also into worldconspiracy-“protocols”, what Henry FORD spread over the world before Nazis and International Muslembrotherhood too, or they might belive in Stalin’s “National Question and Marxism”, what “declairs” why the jews as a nation ought to disappear .
    – So they might think, jewish palestinized (? palestificated) antizionist are only true and honest hunters of the bad, freemasonis, santanic jews who found ISRAEL and control most of american and german banks, “make” war etc., – so that one day they might become the heroes of antizionistas and the honest antisemites also, who prepare for “cleaning” America, Germany … again.

    They have nothing learned by “Mein Kampf” nor because why Hassada Ben-Itto wrote in her “The Lie that Wouldn’t Die” about the worldconspiracy-“protocols of elders of Zion” and why most jews do not understand, that and how Hitlers black spirit survived. She learned to recognize it during her work in the UN ! – And the other importend horrofic book – though to read merry – is
    named THE UN-GANG by Pedro A. Sanjuan!
    TWO more must read at last for understanding the most unspoken connection: BLACKBOOK OF THE KGB II and 0 The Big Lie And The Media War Against ISRAEL

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