After Jewish dog cartoon, UN’s Richard Falk apologizes — to Jews, and animals

And now Richard Falk apologizes — to Jews and animals:

Apology for Unintentionally Posting Anti-Semitic Cartoon in Qaddafi Arrest Warrant Blog

 With apologies, I realize that the cartoon that originally appeared on my blog devoted to the arrest warrants for Qaddafi and two others issued by the ICC had strongly anti-semitic symbolism that I had not detected before it was pointed out to me. I posted the cartoon to express my view that double standards pertained to the American and ICC approach to international criminal accountability. As soon as I was made aware of the anti-semitic content of the cartoon I removed it from my blog, although initially I denied such a posting because I did not realize that it was anti-semitic and was mistaken as to what was being referred to. My intention has never been to demean in any way Jews as a people despite my strong criticisms of Israeli policies, and some versions of Zionist support. My interest and commitment has always been directed at finding a just and sustainable peace for both peoples, although I believe that this must be based on a belated recognition of Palestinian rights, and not on power relationships.

To be clear, I oppose any denigration of a people based on ethnicity, race, religion, stage of development, and believe in the human dignity of all people in their individual and collective identity. Beyond this, if we are to have a sustainable human future we must also make peace with nature, and treat animals with as much respect as possible. This is both a sacred imperative of my idea of a spiritual life, but also an integral aspect of species survival on an increasingly crowded, overheated, and endangered planet.

Returning to the cartoon, I regret my carelessness, and apologize for any unintended hurt and outrage caused thereby. At the same time, I am quite aware that many of the messages were motivated to discredit me due to my views of Israeli policies and behavior.

31 Responses to “After Jewish dog cartoon, UN’s Richard Falk apologizes — to Jews, and animals”

  • I don’t think he is sincere somehow…

  • I don’t accept his apology. I think it’s insincere and disingenuous. His history of antagonism towards Israel and Jews is well known and the cartoon reflects his true feelings.

  • Is he apologising to animals for depicting one as a Jew? Or does he think Jews are animals, and so he considers an apology to animals to be an apology to Jews?

    I find the apology more insulting than the cartoon.

  • I am quite aware that many of the messages were motivated to discredit me due to my views of Israeli policies and behavior as represented in the anti-Semitic cartoons I enjoy.

  • Once more the man lies through his teeth. With the veiled excuse and added formulation he negates all truth of his apology. How did such a person ever get into the position he now holds.

  • you are shameless in your hatred of the Jewish people and Israel. It begs the question- wonder truly drives such vitriol?

  • What? Is my understanding of this correct, is this guy apologizing to dogs for having compared them to Jews?

  • What a disingenuous sleaze bag. One would need to be blind to not see the cartoon as Anti-Semitic, yet instead of having the good grace to apologise unreservedly he tries to turn it into a witch hunt against himself.
    I think that it would be appropriate for his Wikipedia entry to reflect this incident along with the cartoon.

  • Well, for what it is worth, I was feeling rather sorry for Mr. Falk, having read his replies to some of the comments on his blog. He is an elderly man and perhaps not as careful as he once was. But I know his reputation and so I hadn’t made up my mind.

    And now I have. This apology is bizarre. Apologizing to dogs in the context of apologizing to Jewish people is insulting and degrading to Jewish people. How could Mr. Falk not realize this?

    It is past time for Mr. Falk to retire.

  • Madam Pillay: Where are you?

  • Unfortunately, Supreme Mistress Pillay is just as anti-semitic as Richard Falk. She is better at hiding it though.

  • Someone ought to explain to Richard Falk that dogs do not know how to read. But Jews do, and I think it’s time for him to retire from his UN post.

  • luis fernando acevedo

    The concept of a democratic nation where freedom of expression is protected, disappears when jews are portrayed in any negative form. Helen Thomas was immediately ostracized for such a remark. Why? What makes then so special?

  • Six Million MURDERED Jews makes us so special. We know the precurser to that GENOCIDE were mass propaganda in all foms including CARTOONS depicting blatant and bold Jew hate. I guess we know how the game is played Luis. BTW, don’t you read your bible, we are the chosen people that makes us special doesnt it?

  • Obviously freedom of speech does not apply to those who
    criticize Israel nomatter how right they can be.

  • I do like the cartoon, it says a lot about Israel’s policies and
    US willingness to veto anything critical of Israel.
    I will definitely print it on a top quality white T-shirt.

  • I accept his apology. Personifying the state of Israel as a dog is offensive because in many jewish homes a dog may be seen as unclean or mangy (especially the way this dog was drawn), but Israel “pissing” on justice is an apt and acceptable political cartoon especially with Israel’s current actions.

    He’s critical of Israel, as is his right and that of most intellectuals and academics.

  • Kafka, that has to be the moronic statement of the day “Personifying the state of Israel as a dog is offensive because in many jewish homes a dog may be seen as unclean or mangy (especially the way this dog was drawn)”, how about personifying a people as an animal!! Isnt that offensive? I guess not when you’re a Jew hater! How do you know what Jews have in their homes? I guess you must be G-d and know all LMAO. I happen to be a Jew and own dogs you genius, as do many Jews…never ceases to amaze me how Jew haters struggle with such a lack of intelligence..must be hard on you being so deprived:) sheesh stupidty/ignorance is always the other side of the Jew hate sword!

  • Kafka, we don’t care that you accept his apology since you don’t matter…we Jews don’t accept it and thats all that matters. He has gone too far and outed himself now, I predict he will end up a pariah like that crone Helen Thomas (who btw, sccording to her logic for the Jews,she needs to get back to Lebanon and stop hiding her arab roots)who is under a rock somewhere:)
    Israel should piss on justice but doesnt, they should have the death penalty for terrorists, but dont…too bad I say! The only democracy in the ME and not only do you not appreciate that your fellow muslims live with too many rights in Israel… fail to comment on the REAL slaughter taking place in Syria. The Arab spring showers are the colour red, but Kafka makes no mention of that, typical.

  • Amazing how many people refuse to understand that free speech cuts both ways. Of course Falk is free to insult Jews in general & lie about Israel in specific. & we are free to attack him for it. That anyone can be disgusted only with those who complain about the gratuitous insult – well, that explains the world’s position on Israel right there!

  • I am disappointed Dr. Falk apologized at all. The US/Israeli Relationship has bankrupt America. We would not be fighting four wars if it were not for Israel. Wars that have cost us more than $4 trillion dollars and in excess of 6,000 lives. For what? An enclave of neurotic fanatics? Israel claims to be America’s only friend in the MENA Region. We didn’t have any enemies in the region until we entangled ourselves with the Zionists Fascists. Apologizing and pandering to the needs of a very small group will cause the public to judge the broader Jewish Community for the actions of a few neurotic/insane fanatics. People do not hate Jews. They hate what Jews do with the trust of those they call their Special Friends!!!

  • OldSeventySomethingLadyonaHill

    The cartoon is terrible. It should have depicted a rabid zionist cur urinating on Lady Liberty. The toon wrongly implies Americanos as a whole are doin’ the zionist thing.

    If the systematic robbery,torture and then finally slaughter of SIX million Jewish men women and (1.5 million children) has taught the Jews one thing is that you don’t just nip Jew HATE in the bud, you take it and stomp it, then you get a blow torch and incinerate it and then after that you pour acid on whatever is left..that should just about do the job:):)
    To those that posted here that comparing Jews to dogs was not so bad and that there was no sincere apology, WELL GUESS WHAT!!! we really don’t care, because the day of the Jew as your victim is, I would say… about 6 decades old now!!

  • If Falk intimates that his cartoon’s urinating religious Jewish dog was not an antisemitic slur, he underlines his limited (current) abilities to grasp the meaning of anything he endorses. Some people age beyond reasonableness. That is their individual right. They however should not represent others or be seen as unbiased.

  • Great cartoon depicting a typical zionist dog pissing on the goyim. Well done Mr Falk. You have just risen 10 fold IMO. Only down side was you sniveling apology. Why go a spoil the whole thing.

  • Falk is just another one in power who abuses his power. Then, when caught, he tries to hide behind what is true and says that it’s not true. Sad that he’s another one of many traders, as a Jew as well, just like Chomsky and Finkelstein.

  • And what do you think would have happened if Falk was comparing Muslims to dogs?

    Several dozen fatwas would have been issued to cut off his head wherever he exists.

    What if Falk compared blacks to dogs?

    Do I need to spell it out for the illiterate liberals in the crowd?

    There are 1.3 million Israeli Arabs, but you never hear about them BECAUSE it is all about the Jews and has always been about the Jews who have been, and who continue to be, persecuted for three millenia.

    THAT is what separates them from any other group in the world.

  • At least he’s not trying to blame anyone. I mean, aside from the Jews.

  • @ Susan Jul 8th, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    “Of course Falk is free to insult Jews in general & lie about Israel in specific.”

    Although I agree with the thrust of your statement, and I am not attacking you here, I disagree with the above statement. In his vaunted position, he should be mindful of the power of his words, pictures and actions. He can and does think whatever he pleases.
    If I said that he is entitled to that ‘freedom’ I would be in error, because that is a realm on which I cannot pronounce.

    If he thinks Ahmedinejad is right, and Iran should finish what Hitler tried, we would never know. But if he pronounced on that,
    he could and should be charged with contempt of the UN. So he should be charged in this case. If it is possible, he should also be charged civilly.

  • This guy is a disgrace and a bigot. First making excuses then making it even worse by apologizing to the animals.

  • He deserves the fate of all Nazis. He is no different.

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