Washington endorses UN Watch’s call to fire Richard Falk

Breaking News: The US Endorses UN Watch’s Call for Richard Falk to be Fired

UN Watch salutes the US government for echoing our call for Richard Falk, the UN Human Rights Council’s expert on Palestine, to be fired.  The US statement speaks of registering a protest with the UN. Only the 47-nation council can remove him, however, and the majority of that body has always embraced Falk. These 47 could have fired him in March, after Falk was castigated for his 9/11 conspiracies by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Instead, they reportedly renewed his mandate for another three years, without objection.  Besides, the council doesn’t meet until September.

So who can take real action here? Clearly not Mr. Ban. On the contrary, Falk has attack him with impunity, recently posting a blog about the “Shameless Secretary-General.” No one in the UN human rights system objected, not even the NGOs.

Only one person’s voice carries real weight here: UN rights chief Navi Pillay. The Geneva-centered UN human rights system reveres the High Commissioner as the Catholic Church does the Pope. If she reprimands Falk, the word will ripple throughout the system. He would be shamed within the diplomatic and human rights communities, and would eventually have to resign. Let’s hope the US registers this protest not with the UN in abstract, but with Ms. Pillay’s office in particular. In our Wednesday letter to Pillay we anticipated and refuted her office’s dodge that they don’t pass comment on the council’s experts. We cited contrary precedents from Pillay’s predecessor, Louise Arbour, among others. If her banner of anti-racism is more than just words, Pillay most certainly can — and should — speak out.

3 Responses to “Washington endorses UN Watch’s call to fire Richard Falk”

  • I doubt that Pillay would say anything. Falk reserves the US and Israel as his only targets, but Pillay’s lack of concern for Israeli citizens makes her little better than Falk. In fact, if she were to condemn, censure, or fire Falk she would use it to deflect criticism of her inaction in condemning Palestinian terrorism.

  • Another sickening and hypocritical inaction by the UN. Imagine Islam accepting such a horrible cartoon depicting them as dogs urinating and munching on the bones of helpless innocents? They would have issued a fatwah against Falk. Throw the UN out of America stop funding this racist (only against Jews) body that has been hijacked by the worst elements in the World. We need a new without prejudice Assembly of Nations that really does try to help innocents,condemn racism and not this forum for hatred against us and the Nation of Israel. Hillel you are my hero!!

  • Yes the UN is a poor excuse for a humanitarian organization !
    As a Canadian non Jew, I am proud that we stand up for Israel and boycott the UN .
    UNwatch is doing a great job keeping us informed.

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