UN Watch barred from monitoring UN Durban III “anti-racism” meeting

Ms. Navanethem Pillay
UN High Commissioner
for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva 10

September 15, 2011

Dear Madam High Commissioner,

We write to strongly protest the UN’s unprecedented decision to exclude UN Watch, an ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organization, from next Thursday’s high-level meeting to commemorate the Durban Declaration. The rejection of our application was carried out without any notice or semblance of due process, and is an act of discrimination. We appeal to you, as the leading figure of the UN’s anti-racism effort, to speak out against this deplorable decision and to demand that it be immediately reversed.

As you know, on July 7th your office wrote to UN Watch and invited us to apply to participate at the Durban commemoration, saying that non-governmental organizations are essential in combating racism.  We immediately applied, providing detailed documentation on our extensive activities, at the UN and elsewhere, to combat racism and discrimination. We attended the first two Durban conferences in 2001 and 2009.

Suddenly, from a posting on a UN website—only one week prior to the event—we now learn that UN Watch is one of four groups to be rejected from next week’s meeting.  We were given no notice, no reasons, and no chance to contest the decision.  This flouts the basic principles—which you have so articulately advocated on the world stage—of accountability, transparency, and due process. As the only watchdog group mandated to monitor the UN according to the principles of its charter, our voice is essential.  We urge you to speak out against this injustice, which undermines the UN’s credibility in combating discrimination.


Hillel C. Neuer

9 Responses to “UN Watch barred from monitoring UN Durban III “anti-racism” meeting”

  • Please contact Fox news,also Glen Beck who supports your cause and has access to millions, I fully believe if you get this message to him as an emergenvy he will help..I will try also to contact Glen…but better yhe UN watch contact him.

  • Why bother trying to reform the UN when they are clearly working for the Islamists and dictators? The UN is just like the Islamists whom they represent: intolerant, anti-Jewish/Israel/American and against free countries in favor of a world government under their control. They are clearly against democracy, freedom and free speech which gets in the way of their support for dictators and theocrats like those in Iran and throughout Arab/Islamic countries. They give endless support to terrorist entities like Hamas, the PA and Hezbollah. The UN is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! Have them move from their headquarters in NYC to Gaza or another place more representative and attuned to their views. Withdraw their funding and they will become another Islamic group like the Arab League or Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

  • Haha, this is almost hilarious! What a joke The United Nations are.

  • Disgusting, but then, these people are a bunch of antisemites and if they were sent to Siberia for an extended period – say fifty years, we would live in a slightly better world.

  • This is the democracy of the UN?

    It seems more like the Soviet Union! Sorry but this is disgraceful that a recognised NGO should be barred from any UN meeting. What is there to hide?

  • UN Watch will expose the racist UN for what it is . The most useless RACIST organization on the planet.
    I am proud of my country Canada , for standing up against the UN racism & ignorance.
    I am still in shock the Palmer UN report was even half right !
    Finally realizing the San Remo Manual 1994 backs Israel in blockading Israel & stopping the Mavi flotilla . Now if they only understood what excessive force meant .

    (a non Jewish supporter of Israel)

  • So an organization that monitors the UN has been denied the right to attend and monitor the racist proceedings… well so much for open and transparent proceedings, what next arrest and beat up anyone who denounces the outcome…

    The UN should be ashamed and the UNHRC should be disbanded as it no longer represents Human Rights or freedoms…

    Why even bother attending the hypocritical meeting of racist countries, No democratic or freedom related organization should attend, not only boycott it but all democratic countries should withhold all money to the UN until the UNHRC is disbanded… the organization has been hijacked by dictatorships and racists…

    How about a meeting at the same time of democratic countries to discuss creating a United democratic Countries Organization. Those wishing to become members are to follow guidelines set out that all democratic countries must follow in return they get favorable loans and trade.

    Freedom of the press, freedom to peaceful protest FREEDOM

  • Please publish the email address of
    Ms. Navanethem Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

    and issue a petition for us all to sign.

    Under present conditions UN watch, should not appear under the UN banner, with photos of the UN N Y headquarters on its heading.

  • These racist, human rights abusing clowns have lost any shred of credibility a long time ago. Why do some so-called “civilised” nationions still bum kiss them?? !!


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