45 rights groups urge UN Rights Council to investigate its Gaddafi apologists Jean Ziegler & Al-Hajjaji

Where is Qaddafi’s Woman at the U.N.?

GENEVA, October 21 — While the UN human rights office today called for an investigation into Gaddafi’s death, an international coalition of 45 human rights groups today urged Ban Ki-moon and UN rights chief Navi Pillay to investigate two UN Human Rights Council officials for their alleged actions over three decades to shield Libyan dictator Col. Qaddafi from scrutiny of his regime’s gross violations of human rights. (See full text below.)

The appeal names Jean Ziegler, a member of the UNHRC Advisory Committee, who in 1989 announced the creation of the “Moammar Qaddafi Prize for Human Rights.” While Libya’s rights record was being reviewed last year by the UNHRC, a Libyan-funded group tied to Ziegler distributed within the UN a Ziegler-edited book comparing Qaddafi to French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The 45 NGOs, mostly from Africa, also urged the council to fire Najat Al-Hajjaji, Qaddafi’s long-time representative to UN human rights bodies, from the council’s expert working group on mercenaries and human rights.


3 Responses to “45 rights groups urge UN Rights Council to investigate its Gaddafi apologists Jean Ziegler & Al-Hajjaji”

  • Why stop at Ziegler and Al-Hajjaji? Every Secretary General from 1969 onwards ignored Gaddafi’s crimes.

  • there re few times when this many groups agree on a proposal. Hopefully the UN will listen

  • I want to support Najat al Hajiaji.

    She is as not to many Arabic woman is walking with open face without chador. And she is remembered by me since 1987 – 1990 when even to today not many arab woman are so high educated and can be seen without chador. Najat I remember you and wish you the best since Al Emara Benghasi Office And this young man who can be son of her shall not attack her a special that she never married man. I respect her right to be a woman and has freedom, not to be slave of man. I wish to see her in future when I do not know but I will try.
    The Best Wishes to Najat. Bolandyja Poland.

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