56 Islamic States Reject UN Debate on Anti-Gay Violence

Rights group urges Hillary Clinton to speak out

GENEVA, Feb. 17 – A Pakistani spokesman for the UN’s Islamic bloc sparked outrage today after announcing to the UN’s top rights body that its 56 member states would ignore a scheduled UN rights panel on anti-gay violence, saying they were “disturbed” at the “attempted focus on certain persons” on the grounds of their “abnormal sexual behaviour,” which “have nothing to do with fundamental human rights.”

The Islamic statement, obtained by the Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch and posted on its website, is provoking sharp reactions from human rights activists.

UN Watch director Hillel Neuer today called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom it lauded for her leadership on this issue at the UN, to condemn the “scandalous assault on the right of gays not to be put to death in countries like Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen. Human rights are universal and there is no religious exemption for barbaric violence against innocent human beings anywhere.”

Diplomatic sources have also reported to UN Watch that the Islamic states are considering a walk-out during the March 7th panel.

The letter by Pakistan’s Geneva envoy Zamir Akram on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation—comprised of 56 Islamic UN member states and the Palestinian Authority—was sent on Valentine’s Day to UN Human Rights Council president Laura Dupuy Lasserre and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. Click here for letter.

The OIC declared its unequivocal opposition to the upcoming March 7th panel discussion concerning a new UN report on discriminatory laws and practices and violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. The OIC will “will not accept its considerations and recommendations.”

The unprecedented panel and report were mandated by the council’s historic June 2011 resolution, which passed by a slim majority of 23 to 19, with 3 abstentions.

The OIC letter said the panel on anti-gay violence addresses “controversial notions” that have “no legal foundation in any international human rights instrument,” “misinterpreting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

The OIC warned the debate would “seriously jeopardize the entire international human rights framework,” and “will shift the focus from the real issues that deserve the attention of the Council.”

“The Panel will discuss issues that relate to personal behavior and preferences, and have nothing to do with fundamental human rights,” said the OIC.

To justify its position, the OIC cited UN language, seemingly giving exemptions to universal rights laws, that “historical, cultural and religious backgrounds must be borne in mind. From this perspective, the issue of sexual orientation is unacceptable to the OIC.”

The OIC letter comes on the heels of Wednesday’s Libyan speech to the UN this week accusing gays of threatening the continuation of the human race.

13 Responses to “56 Islamic States Reject UN Debate on Anti-Gay Violence”

  • Great work from the team at UN Watch!

  • This is where the poisonous notion of sovereign equality leads.

  • This is going to be interesting, the UN’s two protected species, islam vs gays. If I were a betting person, which I am not, I would place my bet on islam winning this fight, and its not going to be pretty. Also, are we allowed to say that not all cultures are equal now? or is that still hate speach?

  • Shame on you pakistan, specially Zamir Akram, and rest of the islamic countries who remain homophobic even in this age.

  • Can we please leave the UN

  • What can be done publicly by those wishing to disassociate themselves from this heinous OIC statement?

    Who is organising to challenge the OIC to behave respectfully to all members of the human race?

  • This letter is just dripping with evil. This scumbag, Akram, mentions “new notions”. Does he mean notions like the scam that is “Islamophobia”? The way these people, from countries with the worst records when it comes to the treatment of human beings, throw around words like “Human Rights” is just sickening. Only an idiot is unable to see the fingerprints of Iran on this document. (I read the original) “From this perspective,the issue of sexual orientation is unacceptable to the OIC.” That’s so Iran can continue to hang gays boys and girls. As a matter of fact this whole UNHRC is a scam. Check out “A Roadmap for Implementing UNHRC Resolution on Cambating Religious Intolerance” in the OIC Journel (issue 18?) It’s two pages of absolute farce. Also there’s this ridiculous letter titled “Free speech vs. Incitement” by Maha M. Akeel.

    “The OIC Member States are concerned that the Panel will discuss issues that relate to personal behavior and preferences, and have nothing to do with fundamental human rights. This debate will shift the focus from the real issues that deserve the attention of the Council.”

    “…the real issues” You mean like the scam that is the so-called “right of return”? Hey, asshole. I’ve read “The Haj” by Leon Uris and I have access to an encyclopaedia. Apparently your idiot buddy and resident dhimmi Clinton doesn’t.

    Unfortunately for you and that traitor, the rest of us aren’t that gullible or ready to sell out.

    I truly wish I could introduce Akeel and Akram to a word I keep thinking about when it comes to corrupt politicians like Clinton and genocidal wahibists scum bags: “Gitarope”.

  • “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” “moderation” or censorship. Hopefully I’ll have better luck here than I did on Al-Jazeera. That’s a perfect cartoon by the way. Again; Clinton is the ultimate sellout and this UNHRC is a farce. Read “The Haj” by Leon Uris and “Muslim Mafia” by Gaubatz and Sperry.

    If you’re interested in Human Rights here in the USA go online and read the Introduction to “Taken Into Custody” by Baskerville.

  • I am wondering why some people hide themselves from the truth, don’t they believe in God? If same-sex behaviour are right, why God destroy the cities that are popular with same-sex behaviour?God knows what benefits us most. If you really believe in God, you should put your belief into actions, not just saying. Judism, Christianity, Islam all are against same-sex behaviour, think about the Sodom and Gomorrah, Pompeii, there are evidence of the destroied cities.Aren’t they enough? It is a serious matter, we should think about life after death, how are we gonna face our Lord?

  • If we want to judge whether a thing is right or no, we should judge according to the holy books from our Lord, not according to our personal emotions, because human beings have desire, but some of them are evil, the existence of a feeling does not mean it is right to follow, God knows best.May God bless all of us, and forgive us, lead us to the wright way,Amen!

  • “If same-sex behaviour are right, why God destroy the cities that are popular with same-sex behaviour?”

    Yusuf, last time I checked, your “God” hasn’t destroyed Paris, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, etc. So, is he busy doing other things or maybe your argument isn’t solid.

  • Wait a sec, these are the same countries where women are stoned to death, people are killed by fanatical crowds in broad daylight for being gay or non-muslim and THEY are the ones to the world we are “misinterpreting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”?

    The word “hypocrite” isn’t enough to describe what these uncivilized barbarians really are.

  • They are at war with us while we are PRETENDING to be at war with them.

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