States debate Sri Lanka resolution text

The US Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council, Eileen Donahoe, chaired today an informal session to introduce their resolution on reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka.

During one of the most dramatic informal consultations –with a UN security guard by the doors– the Sri Lankan Attorney-General challenged the premise and necessity of this draft, which he categorically rejected and refused to engage in a dialogue on it. He called the consultation a “farce,” adding that “might is not right.” He was supported by Egypt on behalf of NAM, Russia, China, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Algeria and other NAM countries. They all stressed that they oppose country-specific resolution and that the text will have no effect without the consent of the concerned country. Cuba challenged the US Ambassador by asking her to submit a resolution on Guantanamo if they are so concerned with accountability issues.

Denmark for the EU, France, the UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Norway and others supported the US initiative, calling it timely and necessary. The EU also said they would like to see a reference in the text to the report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Sri Lanka. One of their recommendations is for the Council to reverse its resolution praising Sri Lanka for its actions during the 2009 civil war that left thousands of civilians dead.

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  • Doing such a fantastic job.

    Thank you on behalf of millions of Tamils around
    the world, who have their eyes and ears glued to
    UNHRC happenings right now. Please continue to report on this and keep us posted.

    Once again, a heart felt thanks to you!!


  • thank you for the news. We tamils are hoping to get justice after nearly 3 years from 2009 massacre and after 60 years of suppression by successive Sinhala (Sri Lankan) governments. World was silent when more than 140,000 (one hundred and forty thousand) Tamils were massacred within short period of time (UN estimate 40,000, but local estimates more than 140,000 unaccounted for)
    please continue to report to us and to the world

  • Everyone please…
    Let us use our CONSCIENCE to do the RIGHT thing. We all know one of the main reasons for the forming of UN is to avoid human disasters like the Holocaust.

    Let our Spirituality guide us… OMG more than 40,000 killed in a matter of months? And yet, British Channel4 news reporter Nick Walsh Patton was thrown out in 2009 in trying to report news?

    Why? Is the life of a Tamil civilian any less value than a Syrian, Libyan, Egyptian?

    Thank you.

  • Pandukabaya de Silva

    pls note – this post is wrong by calling Mohan Pieris, Sri Lanka’s current Attorney general. He has retired from this post and has been succeded by another. This factual error ought to be corrected.

  • How the Sri Lankan government is able to fight against a watered-down and weak resolution asking it merely to take action recommended to it by a domestic commission (the LLRC) which was heavily biased in favor of the government to begin with is absolutely astounding.

    The LLRCs recommendations provide the bare minimum that should be required by any government to adhere to the moral standings of human rights and the LLRC’s report goes against all current evidence and the views of countries and human rights organisations by saying the government lacks culpability for credible allegations of war crimes which it currently faces.

    Should even this very weak resolution fail to pass and set Sri Lanka on the first step to ensuring human rights for minorities are respected in Sri Lanka, it sets a very very dark precedent for the coming years for justice and accountability in the country.

  • What is this fuss all about.? All what US and the other countries are demanding is that the report of the LLRC be implemented. It is after all the report of a commission appointed by the president of Sri Lanka.Is it because the GOSL will not implement the report going by their past history of not implementing any of the past reports?

  • The countries that oppose the US resolution do so on flimsy ground. They should say the logical reasons why they oppose it instead of accusing the US. Their argument is like the pot calling the kettle black. If these countries are are not convinced after the non partition POE report and the BBC Channe4 vido “Killing Fields of Sri-lanka” not any other reasoning will convince them.

    Hope BBC Channel4 video that will be broadcast on 14 March will hit their conscience.

  • MOST of the news that you are hearing about Sri Lanka is false!! The Sri Lankan government never did this so called “massacring” that some “EXTREMIST” Tamils are saying it did. Tamils in Sri Lanka are living happily together with the Sinhalese; in fact I don’t believe that you can even distinguish between a Tamil and a Sinhalese; unless they specifically tell you!

    Tamils are NOT OPPRESSED in Sri Lanka! They have just as equal rights as any other citizen. I love it when people say that Tamils are been oppressed, but can’t provide any hard evidence relating to it! I have many Tamil friends and they are just as grateful as me about the elimination of the terrorist group, LTTE! We all suffered because of the LTTE, now its gone, so its time to rebuild this nation.

    By the way, we aren’t enemies with the USA or UK. We should not be enemies, but friends! I have many friends in USA and UK; from them I know that the people of the USA and UK are really friendly people! Let’s not allow our governments to fight; let us rebuild our economies together; let us forge new friendships; for the good of both our countries!!
    Peace 🙂

  • Thank you,Sir,for your effort.Sri Lanka is guilty of committing these murders,rape,abduction and so on.They have been doing these from 1950s.Therefore an international commission must investigate them and punish them if found guilty.If not it will become a precedent and there will be dead bodies all over the Earth.


    “An international independent inquiry must address the ongoing assaults on the Tamil people. The accusations to be brought to an international inquiry concern, the rape of Tamil woman by occupying forces; the continued detention and torture of Tamil militants; the grabbing and colonisation of Tamil lands; the threats to life and disappearances of Tamils. All of these continuing human rights violations are taking place behind a veil of national and international impunity.” the Tamils unfortunately occupy the area that is very important’. The US and its competitors covet Trincomalee harbour, they know that Sri Lanka’s strategic location overlooking the Indian Ocean sea lanes is crucial to keeping control of the shipments of Middle Eastern oil. What drives the concern of the US, or for that matter India or China? Their concern is not humanitarianism but global power politics.“The US support given to UNHRC’s proposal for an accountability mechanism for Sri Lanka would not go beyond requesting Shit Lanka to implement LLRC recommendation which legitimised war to protect the state and reduced human rights violations to the ‘misbehaviour ‘of individual soldiers, The Rajapaksa regime cannot do and will not do anything other than structural genocide of Eezham Tamils is arrogantly and repeatedly demonstrated
    What is needed is investigation of the genocide of 60 years culminating into the war and the on-going structural genocide. Justice could come only from independent international investigation, he said. Without international investigation of genocide, accused will become judge. After causing the disappearance of 140,000 Tamil civilians in the 2days Vanni war alone, the SL state and some media in Colombo try to project the quest of justice of the Eezham Tamil nation as an agenda of the ‘LTTE rump’.
    The UN had failed in its duties. His chief of staff Vijay Nambiar is a party to aiding and abetting the SL government to finish the “job”. His brother was a Consulatnt to the Shit Lanka government! That is why the new Chief Minister and Ex CM of Tamil Nadu pressing the Indian government to call for UN war crimes investigations because there is a lot of cover up by malayala mafia (M.K.NARAYANAN,NIRUPAMA MENON,SHIVE SHANKER MENON, G.K.PILLAI,MR.MATHIAS, mr.KANTHA and finally mr.GEORGE who takes care of SONIA GANDHI JI’s alllllll…. needs physical and psychological needs, he is the person who paved way for this malayala mafias domination in government. who occupy RAW/IB/PMO/HOME/FOREIGN offices in india. Is it true that Ban ki Moon’ son-in law, an Indian, served with the IPKF in Sri Lanka in the late 1980s?
    LLRC is just like criminal giving justice to victims it is a farce


    It’s LTTE that did massacre Sinhala and Muslim people, even Tamils, our diplomats lke Laxman Kadiragarmar, they kill each and everyone who did not agree with them. And where did that 40, 000 come from? It’s just a build up story of LTTE terrorists. Thousands and thousands of Tamils live outside of noth east area even today. But none of Sinhalese were able to live in North for last 3 decades.

    Most of Tamils who got refugee status in western countries are now afraid that they’ll loose their luxuries that they enjoy in western world they would do anything to protect their PR.

  • dear people who are reading this
    i was astonished reading all these comments me being an ordinary citizen whould vehemently critize all these allegations Sri lanka is not the dreadful place you think of it is indeed a nice place if you have vitnessed the true experience of war you might not be saying all these it was an era of fear no one could walk on the roads freely the dark clouds of horror consumed the joy of the ordinary men and even children. The Sri Lankan forces had to deal with an enemy (LTTE)whom used civilian buffers, differently abled people as suicide bombers and pregnant mothers as suicide bombers so i leave it on your consideration to imagine the atmosphere exsisted. and many of you’ll think that Tamils were massacred yes it happened, but we didn’t do it deliberately and as of you’ll know LTTE was mostly made up of Tamils so its pretty obvious now. today Sri lanka is enjoying the freedom we can walk in the roads without fear people live happyly today those who were a part of the LTTE wearing a cyanite chain and carried a gun is no longer exsist most of them are rehabilitated and live among us 🙂 instead of penalizing them (which the world believes thats happening over here) they are being cared more than anyone else the racial polarity could hardly be seen —– this is a statement made by an ordinary schoolboy with no political interfearence or any other effect—– 🙂 cheers 😉

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