Video: Sun TV interviews Hillel Neuer on human rights impostor Jean Ziegler’s visit to Canada

VIDEO: UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer on Sun TV calls U.N. expert Jean Ziegler “a human rights impostor,” opposes his visit this week to Canada. Click here to watch.

9 Responses to “Video: Sun TV interviews Hillel Neuer on human rights impostor Jean Ziegler’s visit to Canada”

  • “Upside down world” is so painfully and tragically true. Black is white, and white is black. Arsonists are firefighters, terrorists are “freedom fighters,” and on and on.

  • Great interview with Mr Neuer !

    He forgot to mention idiots like Richard Falk Special Raconteur & a 911 truther who is also on the UNHRC. The UN has become a puppet to Muslim countries & those who hate the USA, Canada & Jews !

    Keep up the great work at SUN !
    Recently Jihad Watch drew attention to a Wegmans store in Rochester NY that has posted a sign that those who have pork & Alcohol cannot check out at a register manned by a Muslim employee.
    What is this world coming to ?


  • Bravo to Sun for inviting Hillel Neuer of UN Watch. Neuer is one of the most knowledgeable and articulate of human rights activists working today, and his organization is one of the only truly authentic human rights organizations in today’s world. Please bring him back. What he has to say always merits being heard.

  • In circles outside the heady, confusing world of propagandists and hate-mongers, Mr Neuer is the voice of reason and the truth. He courageously tilts at the purveyors of lies and obfuscation and hopefully his efforts will send them once more scuttling into their dark, dismal corners of mainstream opinion.


  • It is a pity that Jean Ziegler is not exposed on a wider forum. But he is not the only one. You should also expose the famous actors (such ss Cherry Lunghi and Miryam Margolies) who pretend to be “Pro-Palestne” when they are just plain, old-fashioned antisemites, Jewish or otherwise. As for Robert Fisk, he is another old-fashioned antisemite pretending to be a bleeding heart liberal and an Arabist.

  • Excellent presentation! UN Watch is doing a first class job in exposing the hypocrisy and lies that typify proceedings at the UN. Please continue with these exposures.

  • Wonderful interview.Unfortunatly Zeigler is one of many as seen in Europe.

  • I listened well to your interview and I must say that your arguments against Jean Ziegler are so right and precise that we wonder how this person can again keep a certain credibility. Bravo Mr Hillel Neuer for your precise way of defending the causes that some (important)forgot.

  • An excellent Interview giving a true picture of Ziegler. Unfortunately his name is not Pinocchio… Although in Switzerland the media is more cricical than before about his cititzen, such a clear message would not “pass” yet as many left wing friends protect him – unfortunately.

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