U.N. rights chief “seriously concerned” over U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, echoed by Iran

U.N. rights chief Navi Pillay used a major speech today before the 47-nation Human Rights Council to express “serious concern” over U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and to call for investigations, echoing comments she made in a recent visit to that country:

During my visit, I also expressed serious concern over the continuing use of armed drones for targeted attacks, in particular because it is unclear that all persons targeted are combatants or directly participating in hostilities. The Secretary-General has expressed concern about the lack of transparency on the circumstances in which drones are used, noting that these attacks raise questions about compliance with distinction and proportionality. I remind States of their international obligation to take all necessary precautions to ensure that attacks comply with international law. I urge them to conduct investigations that are transparent, credible and independent, and provide victims with effective remedies.

Her remarks sparked a feeding frenzy by some of the worst regimes, who rushed to quote her remarks in their own plenary speeches.

Pakistan gleefully noted that “The High Commissioner has made a reference to the using of drones in Pakistan and the civilian casualties caused by United States’ drone attacks. Pakistan consistently maintains that the use of drones is illegal and violates the sovereignty of Pakistan.”  The council’s special investigators need to pay heed to these “indiscriminate attacks,” it said, in which thousands have been murdered.

Iran took the floor to say it shared Pillay’s concerns over “grave violations in the context of counter-terrorist operations” and “the continuing use of armed drones for targeted attacks in Pakistan.” Tehran effectively called for the U.N. to prosecute U.S. President Obama:

We strongly believe that beyond reminding States of their international obligation under international law, there is an urgent need for effective and practical measures at international level including through a transparent, credible and independent international investigation by the Council and other relevant UN bodies to bring the perpetrators to justice and provide victims with effective remedies.

Cuba slammed the use of drones as a form of “extrajudicial killings.”

2 Responses to “U.N. rights chief “seriously concerned” over U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, echoed by Iran”

  • Yes, US drone attacks kill innocents also and many of them and
    this is really serious matter. Even small boys and girls playing on
    the roads or going to school/returning from school, get killed
    in addition to other innocent people getting killed in the
    process of killing terrorists.

    You talk about Syria,Iran,Pakistan, and what about India?
    They consider their Integrity as being above board, is it?

    Madame Navi Pillay must take unflinching note of the
    Following facts that –
    There were 30 million female foetecide cases in India
    in the last 10 years – a crime against humanity done
    remorselessly and still going on.
    Cold blooded and brutal assassinations in the name of caste –
    honor killings, etc done, actually due to the complete failure
    of reason and justice, but considered to be done on grounds of
    reason and justice; again, crimes against humanity that are
    done in the name of justice, by brutal thugs and criminals.
    There have been cases where, because a girl is not wanted, the
    family members have fed the infant small pieces of glass to kill
    her by cutting her intestines instead of giving her milk.
    Such is the cowardice and savagery beyond imagination.
    A global consortium of nations should be formed in order to
    victimize, and to bring on their knees, brutal regimes
    such as Syria, Iran, India Pakistan, etc that does remorseless
    mass murders that will beg in front of the world for mercy.

  • This is exactly what I would expect an Iranian Regime agent to say. It is also what I and others have been telling people for 3 1/2 years. Pillay is loyal to the Islamic Theocracy in Iran. She’s a reformist, however, the IRI can NOT be reformed. Even the reformers including Mousavi have stated publicly that they are loyal to “Velayat-e Faqih”, the supreme murderer and his agents. When Pillay and the other regime agent NIAC started touring together even the dumbest of you should have gotten the clue.

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