Syria uses UN censure of Canada to deflect attention from its genocide

UN rights chief Navi Pillay’s disproportionate censure of Canada before the 47-nation Human Rights Council on Monday was immediately exploited by anti-democratic regimes to divert attention from their crimes.

  • Syria, facing world condemnation over its mass killings, took the floor to gloat about how “the High Commissioner said in her report that there is repression in Canada.”
  • Sri Lanka, on the defensive for refusing to investigate its 2009 killing of 40,000 civilians, stated that it was “surprised by Canada.”
  • North Korea, accused of gross atrocities, rejected Canada’s “hypocritical behavior,” saying Ottawa “would be well advised to handle its own affairs.” Echoing Pillay’s remarks almost verbatim, North Korea called on Canada to address its “suppression of freedom of association and and peaceful assembly.”

3 Responses to “Syria uses UN censure of Canada to deflect attention from its genocide”

  • Are you saying that Canada should not beeen questioned or commented about its own records, when it goes around blaming other nations. And this blaming is mosty to support other western countries or to gain migrant votes.

    When for no reason Canada drag countries like Sri Lanka, Iran and Belarus in its response to the UNHCR, you expect those countries to keep listening like tamed animals?

    BTW, as a responsible journalist you should know the difference of meanings of allegations and facts. The 40,000 CIVILIAN deaths is a mere allegation against Sri Lanka (initially invented and published by the terrorist outfit LTTE’s front offices) not a fact.

  • Wha???? I feel as if in a dream….
    As a very free, wonderfully happy Canadian who has enjoyed close to sixty years of freedom to express any view, accepted or not, I am insulted. Who are these people? From what planet did they arrive?
    I’ve gone from student protester of the sixties to politically active grandmother with not a hint of repression suggestion from any government, provincial or federal. Canada is NOT Quebec.

  • Internationally dis reputed Goverments such as the Syrian government who do henious crimes against humanity on a regular basis and give false promises and false committments about their sincerity to respect Human Rights in their country try to take advantage of some comparitavely much minor issues to divert/ deflect attention of international community from the unspeakable acts of crime they do in their own country.
    The international community should not allow this to happen and continue with their action to force such governments to comply with the principles and expectations of Human Rights.

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