U.N.’s Richard Falk accuses “the organized Jewish community” of crimes against Palestinians

The U.N. Human Rights Council’s Richard Falk is now accusing “the organized Jewish community” of being “responsible for the massive and enduring confiscation of Palestinian land and rights.” This is only the latest of a series of Richard Falk outrages exposed by UN Watch. Below is the letter faxed today to President Obama and other world leaders and high U.N. officials demanding an immediate condemnation.


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The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
United States of America

Dear President Obama,

With profound regret—and moral outrage—we are obliged to inform you that a representative of the United Nations Human Rights Council has breached his responsibility to uphold the high standards required by that world body.

Once again, Richard Falk, the UNHRC’s Special Rapporteur for the permanent investigation of “Israel’s violations of the bases and principles of international law,” has published racist remarks against Jews and Judaism.

Last week, on 20 July, writing in the same blog where he posted an anti-Semitic cartoon that was condemned last year by British Prime Minister David Cameron, U.N. High Commissioner for Human rights Navi Pillay, and your representative to the U.N., the Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur Falk accused “the organized Jewish community,” as well as the U.S. government, of being “responsible for the massive and enduring confiscation of Palestinian land and rights.”  (See “For What,” R. Falk, 20 July 2012, at http://richardfalk.wordpress.com.)

This absurd and slanderous collective accusation, reproduced in the Palestine Chronicle and on numerous websites, constitutes classic anti-Semitism. Moreover, by attempting to blame Jewish communities everywhere for alleged crimes against Palestinians, Mr. Falk effectively provides an international warrant for terrorism, employing the language and logic used by those who carry out attacks against Jewish community centers, synagogues and schools worldwide.

Mr. Falk published his anti-Semitic libel on the same day that Israel was burying the victims of last Wednesday’s brutal attack against Israeli Jewish tourists in Bulgaria, and on the same day a British court sentenced two homegrown terrorists to prison for planning attacks against Jewish communities in Manchester.

Mr. Falk was also surely aware that when Mohammed Merah opened fire on Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse, on 19 March, it was out of the conviction, in his words, that “The Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine.” When Mr. Falk points an accusing finger at “the organized Jewish community” for alleged crimes against Palestinians, he willy-nilly uses his high United Nations position to encourage such attacks.

Second, all of this comes as Mr. Falk is also providing the cover endorsement for the book “The Wandering Who,” replete with attacks against Israel, Jews and Judaism. The material is so extreme that 20 anti-Zionist activists, including Omar Barghouti and Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah, denounced the book and its author for racism and anti-Semitism. During the July debates of the UNHRC, on behalf of UN Watch I challenged Mr. Falk about his leading promotion of this tract, but he refused to respond.

Notwithstanding the fact that Mr. Falk’s latest article dwells at length on his U.N. position, and that his book endorsement lists the same, his defenders will no doubt claim, as they have done before, that these racist remarks were published “in his personal capacity.”

Given that his previous such attempts to evade responsibility failed to block the condemnations of him by your Administration, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other world figures, I have no doubt that you will speak out and denounce these latest instances of incitement to racism on the part of Mr. Falk, who, in many respects, embodies the ongoing bias and bigotry of the body he represents, the U.N. Human Rights Council.

To ensure that your message is heard loud and clear in Geneva and around the world, we urge your government to request that your statement be circulated as an official document of the UNHRC at the upcoming September session.

The cause of human rights and the founding principles of the United Nations must not be subverted. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.


Hillel C. Neuer
Executive Director
UN Watch

17 Responses to “U.N.’s Richard Falk accuses “the organized Jewish community” of crimes against Palestinians”

  • Richard, please get your head examined. I think there is something not quite right.

  • Mr. Falk is abusing his position of power to spew forth his poison to the world.. He must not be allowed to continue abusing the use of his position & power spewing forth his unbiased hatred against Israel and the Israeli people as a whole..This whole matter needs to be addressed & addressed now…

  • In light of this, the Olympic Committee’s refusal for a moment of silence for the 72 Olympic’s slaughtered athlete’s during the opening ceremonies, & other egregious antisemetic comments throughout the world, it seems that our motto of, “Never Again” is becoming “Whenever again!”

  • I concur heartily with Hillel Neuer’s staements. There is no reason the world community should support Falk’s lies — unless they, too are totally anti-semitic and anti-Jewish and anti-Israel — which they are, regrettably. But this does not mean that we can allow their hate-filled diatribes to continue, especially at the UN.

  • This man and others like him are the main reason that I advocate for the United States of America to withdraw from the United Nations and to forbid the UN from operating within our Nation, United States of America! When men like Richard Falk and Countries like Libya, North Korea and Iran can even have a seat on the U.N.’s Human Rights Council, it’s an insult to the Dignity and the Intelligence of every Human Being on this Planet that are struggling to win even the most Basic of Human Rights for them and their brethren!

  • I fully endorse the stance of Hillel C. Neuer who seems to be a very lonely JUSTE voice on what is now nothing more than a “Group of Nations united in Jew Hatred”. I would suggest that Richard Falk should not only be relieved (and fast) of his position, but should be indicted for incitement to hatred of the Jewish people.

  • Predominantly Islamist Palestine (and most of the other Islamist countries in the Middle East) want Holocaust #2! Of course Israel is militant and aggressive, because the spectre of Holocaust #2 is as serious as it can possibly get!

  • This man and others like him are the main reason that I advocate for the United States of America to withdraw from the United Nations and to forbid the U.N. from operating within the Borders of our Nation, These United States of America! When men like Richard Falk and Countries like Libya, North Korea and Iran can even have a seat on the U.N.’s Human Rights Council, it’s an Insult to the Dignity and the Intelligence of every Human Being on this Planet that are struggling to win even the most Basic of Human Rights for themselves and their brethren!
    The U.N. has become nothing more then an American and Israeli Hating Bureaucracy, more interested in gaining World Power for themselves at the expense of the United States of America and the American Taxpayer who have hosted this Vile, Mockery of an Organization for some 65 years now! We were Fools to allow the U.N. to set up Camp in our Nation when we did, but after the Horrors of World War II, we had hoped it would lead to a more Peaceful World! All the U.N. has really done is create more Conflict of which they have used to create within its Bloated Bureaucracy an Atmosphere where they feel like they can dictate just what Laws a Sovereign Nation can follow.
    A Case in point, the U.N, Small Arms Treaty, We The People, the American Citizen have a document called the “Constitution of the United States of America” and within this document is “Our Declaration of Independence” and “Our Bill of Rights”, this document also sets forth a series “Amendments to the Constitution”, Verbalized by Our Fore-Fathers, Written down by these Same Men and Voted on and Ratified by the States of the United States of America, these Rights that All American Citizens have, that are Granted, not by any Government or even Man, but by God, or by Nature if you so prefer!
    The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is a Direct Contradiction to the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and a Threat not only to Our Constitutional Rights, but to the very Sovereignty of the United States of America! I am a Voting American Citizen and the last time I voted, I don’t remember the current U.N. Leader, Ban ki-Moon’s name being on my Ballot! If Any American Official, including Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the US, Barack Obama, President of the US, US Senators and US House of Representatives’ and so on, take it Upon themselves to sign this U.N. Treaty, I believe I speak for Millions of Americans in saying, You are Committing an Act of Treason against the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States of America! Unbelievable amounts of Treasure have been spent and Millions of Americans, Men and Women have Shed Blood and Died for the Constitution of the United States of America! Any American Official that stands with the U.N. on this Issue, will be forever known as the Traitors they are!

  • It is critical now to respond to the charges proven herein, and see that Mr. Falk step down, and/or be relieved of his duties associated with the UN, and misrepresentation of Israel & the Jewish people in the course of his perceived “duties.” His false, and unjustifiable attacks on the Jewish people worldwide as well as within Israel, constitute just cause in termination of said position, whatever its original reason may have been.

  • It is critical now and it be to respond to the chargess proven herein, and see that Mr. Falk step down, and/or be relieved of his duties associated with the UN, and misrepresentation of Israel & the Jewish people in the course of his perceived “duties.” His false, and unjustifiable attacks on the Jewish people worldwide as well as within Israel, constitude just cause in termination of said position, whatever its original reason may have been.

  • I doubt that appealing to Obama will do much good as his administration is itself pursuing policies that veer into antisemitism. Two specific and direct examples:

    In 2011 Howard Gutman, US ambassador to Belgium, blamed Israeli actions for an increase in antisemitism. The White House supported the comments when the inevitable reaction came.

    In Tunisia this year, Hilary Clinton was asked a question that assumed that Zionists are the enemies of Arabs. “..most of the candidates from the both sides run towards the Zionist lobbies ….. How would you reassure and gain his (common Arab citizen) trust again once given the fact that you are supporting his enemy ….”

    Her response included:
    “.. a lot of things are said in political campaigns that should not bear a lot of attention. There are comments made that certainly don’t reflect the United States, don’t reflect our foreign policy, don’t reflect who we are as a people. I mean, if you go to the United States, you see mosques everywhere, you see Muslim Americans everywhere. That’s the fact. So I would not pay attention to the rhetoric.”

    She said nothing to disavow the notion that Arabs must be enemies of “Zionists” – in the context one can probably read Jews. She went on to belabor the point with a broad hint that Obama is on their side in this.


  • Mr Falk,

    you say you have no vested interests. But surely you do: the existence of the Palestinian refugee problem until its utopian resolution in the end of ‘the Zionist project’.

    You say a 2 state solution seemed best in 1967. But the Palestinian nationalist movement only accepted the principle of partition and international law in 1988, over 20 year later, and over 40 years after Res. 181.

    You can’t fight international law for 40 years and expect the clock to go back to the last, best opportunity you missed. By 1988, the clock couldn’t go back to 1947 or 1967: all developments subsequent had to be negotiated.

    Now, I think, the best set of negotiated principles remain the Geneva Accord, which says in detail which settlements will remain and which will be ceded. You can’t really expect Israel to withdraw to the exact 1967 borders, can you?

    If you want that, surely you are going to have to offer a little more? E.g. perhaps recognising the fundamental legitimacy of Zionist aspirations in the land, that Jews had a right to live in the land in above the tiny numbers traditional imperial Christianity and Islam decreed as Jews’ proper lot for their rejection of Jesus and the prophets, in some kind of freedom and independence from traditional imperial Christian or Islamic apartheid, and that Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian national resistance to Jews’ living in above those tiny numbers, free from such apartheid, may have been in the least bit wrong or immoral?

    I.e. you will have to go somewhat to convince Israeli Jews that they or their ancestors became Palestinian or Israeli as of right rather than grudging sufferance?

    Especially if you insist that they become a minority in their own or a single Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian majority state, either by ending ‘the Zionist project’ through abrogating a Jewish right of return and/or implementing a Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian one.

    But, to be honest, do you expect Israeli Jews to agree to any of that? Or that they will ever cede the Western Wall or Jewish Quarter?

    You say that in 1967 a 2 state solution seemed best. Why? Because in 1967 Jews were able to visit an Old City or Hebron hitherto barred to to them under Arab rule? Because the Arabs rejected any kind of recognition of Israel ever, even return for territory conquered?

    You say you have no vested interests. But, it seems to me, you do. Your job, it seems to me, is to be, essentially, a pro-Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian, but anti-Jewish, nationalist advocate/polemicist.

    If your goal is the end of ‘the Zionist project’ i.e. the end of Zionism, it seems to me your ultimate goal is to end the principle of partition of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state, the Jewish state with a Jewish right of return, granted Jews as a people regarded historically as a people exiled or dispossessed, if not reverse it i.e. the continued attempt to thwart international law which the Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian national movement began by rejecting it in 1947, seeking the subjection (at best) or expulsion of most Palestinian Jews, or worse.

    The way you tell it, one would never know of the exclusivism, hostility or expulsionism towards most Palestinian or Israeli Jews that characterised modern Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian, but anti-Jewish, nationalism, pretty much from its inception.

    Plenty of modern Israeli Jewish historians have recognised these strains in the history of modern Jewish nationalism. Isn’t it time genuine, serious pro-Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian intellectuals (allegedly independent, as you call yourself, and not towing a party line) did the same, for their side?

    That is what negotiations entail: give and take. You do believe in negotiations, don’t you?

    Or will only utopia do?

    Truth and reconciliation requires acknowledging the unpleasant aspects, past and present, of your own side, as well as your opponent.

  • While I found the blog entry UN Watch mentions here troubling, going through Falk’s comments I actually found the text of a talk he gave at a Seattle church much more troubling. It includes charges of Jewish, I’m sorry Israeli, control of the government and media plus of course loads of inaccurate information. I hope UN Watch will bring this to light.


  • Once again, we see how Jewish hatred is spread out like cancer in the world. This man should and must be fired for inciting hatred not only in the U.S., but in the world. I think he needs to lear the true facts about Jewish history, and their desire to go back to their homeland, and I can´t understand why people like this exist in this world to be honest with you… When you become a pathetic person( opppss!!!), then you star realizing that being a loser is better than a civilized person.
    Yes, Mr.Richard Falk, I am talking about you… Read Jewish history and learn why their people exist, and why the State of Israel exists today. Since you work for the U.N., then you should have learned those facts long time ago, because the State of Israel, with Jerusalem as its capital, has been around long enough for people like YOU to blame Israel for all the wrongdoing going on in this messed up world. IF YOU HATE THE JEWISH NATION, then you should step down and go to the library and study a little bit more history, or maybe you should go to Israel and see for yourself how prosperous and brilliant the Israelis are…
    LEARN HOW THE JEWISH STATE HAS EVOLVED INTO A MAGNIFICENT SOCIETY OF BRILLIANT SCIENTIS AND TALENTED PEOPLE ON THAT PART OF THE WORLD,AND STOP SPREADING YOUR TRASH ONCE AND FOR ALL. I am an American who loves America very much, and I admire the Jewish State for existing as its is today. I wish I were an Israeli citizen, because I would feel proud of my Nation ( I do anyway), and I would fight to the end for its own existence even in the middle of blatant accusations, and false lies about the Jewish People. I long to see Arabs making peace with Israel, but not through people like you who promote and incite hatred in the world. THE STATE OF ISRAEL IS HERE TO STAY, AND IT WILL LAST FOR CENTURIES TO COME, so learn the true facts of its history and do not spread lies and deception…. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • In Wikipedia one word was omitted from Mr Falk’s self proclamation, ” an American Jew……………HATER!”

  • Falk is a despicable liar and should be removed from his post. He has waged a long and vicious campaign against Israel and the Jews and wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face. He is a first-rate anti-semite and it would be helpful if a large and beefy member of the ‘organized Jewish community’ whispered a word or two about that in his ear.

  • Mr Richard Falk is paid for doing exactly that. A company won’t pay an employee a salary for selling the companies competitors products.

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