Block Sudan from U.N. Human Rights Council! Help us reach 100,000 signatures

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  • Block Sudan from U.N. Human Rights Council!

  • Sudanese government has not demonstrated any kind respect for human rights despite being fully aware of them. They have done crimes against humanity knowing fully well that their actions are completely against the human rights principles of the UN. Under the circumstances they should be banned from attending the UN Human Rights Council Meetings. I sign for that.
    sanjay dixit,Mumbai,India

  • We at Genocide Watch think that putting Sudan on the UN Human Rights Council is like electing Geoffrey Dahmer, the notorious Milwaukee serial killer, to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. How can the UN be serious when it even allows Sudan to remain a member of the UN? Sudan has violated every article of the UN Charter, the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Genocide Convention.
    Sudan should be expelled from the UN, as well as barred from membership on the UN human rights council.
    I can only conclude that the fact that there are zero responses to this appeal is because Sudan’s full time computer hackers have erased this.

  • Grace Federico Awi

    This is important to me because for years my people have been oppressed by this man and still are suffering. He has blood on his hands, the blood of my ancestors and of my relatives now. I forgive his acts because if hate is projected then it will spread, so it is not hate that I carry it’s concern. I am concerned that this man has even been given an opportunity to be part of a council that he has worked the majority of his adult life to go against. I am deeply baffled at what is going on regarding this matter, I am even shocked at the people in control, shocked that they are allowing this to happen.

    Have you not witnessed the genocide, the ethnic cleansing, the rapes, the child soldiers, the famine, the cruelty. If Omar Al Bashir is given this opportunity, then my belief that corruption and evil really exist will be proven. I don’t want to be proved right, but if I am i will only be more determined to fight harder against the evil that are WAR CRIMINALS, DICTATORS, MURDERS, PSYCHOPATHS and SOCIOPATHS, because that is what Omar Al Bashir is, he is all of the above.

    Until this day my heart continues to break at the suffering which my people have had to endure, so please please please I “DO THE RIGHT THING”.

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