“You’re Fired”: Richard Falk Expelled from Human Rights Watch

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6 Responses to ““You’re Fired”: Richard Falk Expelled from Human Rights Watch”

  • a tiny drop in the ocean of hatred but every little helps.

  • fired !!!

  • What country is falk a citizen of ? One down and more to go.He will crop up again. keep tabs on him.

  • Very well done HRW. This is quite an achievement and certainly a positive step in the right direction. Best wishes for continuing success in the New Year 2013.

  • There’s no “freedom of speech” when it comes to criticizing Israel!! Palestinian children, women and elderly can be disposed of by Israel with no problem. No Human Rights Watch director should criticize or condemn. Heheheheh why do not change the name of this organization to Israelis Rights Watch? Because no other human is as important to you apparently.

  • To Anas.

    You are blind and death?
    80% of all meetings and 90% of all time UN Human Right Comission spend critisizing Israel.Why you do not talking about Israel children,women and elderly who live under constant terrorist attacks of thousands rockets from Gaza?

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