Daily Archive for February 7th, 2013

Double Standard: UN Postpones Israel Debate in Deference to Palestinian Agenda

Does it matter if the U.N. Human Rights Council postpones a debate on Israel’s alleged violations?

Terribly so, we were told last week by the council and its defenders, who went into a state of apoplexy when Israel, requesting a postponement, dared to miss a scheduled review session on January 29th.

Even the New York Times entered the fray — in a rare editorial dedicated to the goings-on of the Geneva body — accusing Israel of undermining human rights. Headlines worldwide echoed the sense of outrage.

UN Watch has already exposed the rank hypocrisy of these empty charges.

Yet it now turns out that, at the exact same time as the above media storm was blowing, the council was taking  an altogether different approach toward a similar request, made by one of its own top UN officials, to postpone a debate on Israel’s alleged violations.

UN Watch has discovered that the council quietly posted a notice that their own Palestine monitor, the infamous Richard Falk, who was kicked out of Human Rights Watch in response to our campaign, will be skipping a scheduled council appearance, postponing his report by several months. Continue reading ‘Double Standard: UN Postpones Israel Debate in Deference to Palestinian Agenda’

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