Turkey’s Erdogan Calls Zionism A “Crime Against Humanity” at UN Conference

GENEVA, February 28, 2013 – UN Watch expressed shock over anti-Jewish remarks delivered by Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan at a UN summit for tolerance, and urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon — who was present on the stage yet stayed silent — to speak out and condemn the speech. The Geneva-based human rights group also called on Erdogan to apologize, and hoped US President Obama would press him to do so.

Speaking yesterday before a Vienna forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, a UN framework for West-Islam dialogue, Erdogan called Zionism, the movement founded in 1897 for Jewish self-determination, a “crime against humanity,” likening it with anti-Semitism, fascism, and Islamophobia. click here for Turkish news report.

“We remind secretary-general Ban Ki-moon that his predecessor Kofi Annan recognized that the UN’s 1975 Zionism-is-racism resolution was an expression of anti-Semitism, and he welcomed its repeal.”

UN Watch urged all members of the Alliance’s High Level Group, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “to denounce remarks that fundamentally contradict the very purpose of a forum supposedly dedicated to mutual tolerance.”

“Erdogan’s misuse of this global podium to incite hatred, and his resort to Ahmandinejad-style pronouncements appealing to the lowest common denominator in the Muslim world, will only strengthen the belief that his government is hewing to a confrontational stance, and fundamentally unwilling to end its four-year-old feud with Israel.”

9 Responses to “Turkey’s Erdogan Calls Zionism A “Crime Against Humanity” at UN Conference”

  • Erdogan. Blames OTHERS for crimes against humanity…
    Best joke I’ve ever heard! I’ve got a million Kurds and 2 million Armenians saying that on him…

  • Ban’s horrendously deafening silence tells us everything we need to know… Jew-hatred is now widely tolerated and accepted. That he must be “reminded” to speak out against it in this “modern age” simply boggles the mind.

  • How despicable of Erdogan to say such a thing. This is one reason that many people question the need of the U.N. in the first place!

    Shame on him!

  • The increase in antisemitism derived from state policy is increasing. The presence of the General Secretary validates the position of the Turkish??? Memory… memory… Jews in the 20’s (1920) arrived to the 40’s (1940) and all the world, including UN was astonished!!!!!

  • Armenian Genocide.

  • Please do not call this intolerance when it is Turkish hate speech..
    Dear Mr. President, please help us by speaking out against this type of speech.

  • The agonizingly inevitable alteration in Turkey’s social-religious-ideological transformation is nearing completion. From Ataturk’s Europe-connection in secular governance of a Muslim country adopting Western values while embracing moderate Islam, the country has turned to fundamental Islamism.

  • Where did Erdogan find his definition of Zionism? In the hate propaganda material that is flooding the Middle East ?
    I keep wondering : where are the Turkish reactions to the daily obsessive derogatory remarks on Israel which antagonize even more the existing conflict and play against Turkish and NATO interests.

  • It is too bad that a leader of a country act with Hate and personal motives over his status and his country global interest.

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