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After treaty UN calls for total ban on arms production

The UN is now calling for the world “to stop not only the trade but the production of arms.” See the latest gobbledegook by top UN official Alfred De Zayas:


(Source: UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)

UN rights expert hails Arms Trade Treaty and urges States to do more to also regulate production

GENEVA (3 April 2013) – The United Nations Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, Alfred de Zayas, welcomed the adoption of first legally-binding UN Arms Trade Treaty that prohibits states from exporting conventional weapons to countries when they know those weapons will be used for genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

“Those who sell or facilitate weapons to individuals that will commit human rights violations know that they have responsibility for the death and misery caused by those weapons and at some stage may be liable to face the International Criminal Court for complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Mr. de Zayas warned. Continue reading ‘After treaty UN calls for total ban on arms production’

U.N. to Endorse Hero of Holocaust Deniers, Alfred De Zayas

U.N. Expert Alfred de Zayas, in his own words:

• The Old Testament is characterized by “cruelty” and “profound unreligiousity,” its patriarchs “equipped with divine legitimacy and justification to take our promised Lebensraum by force.” Original source now deleted by Zayas Alternative Source

Churchill and Roosevelt connived at “a form of genocide” against the Germans.

•  The World War II Allies who fought Nazi Germany should have been prosecuted for “barbarous” and “gruesome” crimes; the Nuremberg Court that judged Nazi war criminals had “hardly any legitimacy.”

“Nuremberg was an exercise in hypocrisy. A continuation of hate and war… a corruption of legal norms and procedures, a pollution of philosophy, a truly Pharisee tribunal.” Original source now deleted by Zayas Alternative Source

•  “Israel emerged out of terrorism against the indigenous population” and its representatives should be denied U.N. accreditation. Source

America bears “responsibility for the destabilization of… countries in the Middle East.”

George W. Bush and Tony Blair too are Pharisees.” Original source now deleted by Zayas Alternative Source

“Moses had such a rough time bringing the Jewish people across the Red Sea because half of them were busy picking up pretty shells.” Source

Continue reading ‘U.N. to Endorse Hero of Holocaust Deniers, Alfred De Zayas’

UNGA to ratify 2012 Human Rights Council decisions tomorrow

Through the resolution below, set for adoption on Dec. 20, the U.N. General Assembly will formally ratify all of the 2012 resolutions and decisions — many of them despicable — of the U.N. Human Rights Council.
The Report of the Human Rights Council incorporates by reference the decisions referenced in A/HRC/19/2 (including the appointment of Alfred De Zayas, a hero to Holocaust deniers; see p. 316), A/HRC/20/21 and A/HRC/S-19/2, while the Addendum incorporates decisions referenced in A/HRC/21/2.

Draft resolution A/C.3/67/L.59

Report of the Human Rights Council

The General Assembly,
Recalling its resolutions 60/251 of 15 March 2006, by which it established the Human Rights Council, and 65/281 of 17 June 2011, by which it reviewed the Council,
Recalling also its resolutions 62/219 of 22 December 2007, 63/160 of 18 December 2008, 64/143 of 18 December 2009, 65/195 of 21 December 2010 and 66/136 of 19 December 2011,
Having considered the recommendations contained in the report of the Human Rights Council (*)
1.  Takes note of the report of the Human Rights Council, including the addendum thereto, and its recommendations.
*  Official Records of the General Assembly, Sixty-seventh Session, Supplement No. 53 and corrigendum (A/67/53 and Corr.1) and Supplement No. 53A (A/67/53/Add.1).

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