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Reactions of U.S. Congress to HRC resolution on Gaza

House of Representatives

  • Letter (25/07/2014) signed by over 100 members of Congress to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay: “The UNHRC simply cannot be taken seriously as a human rights organisation when it establishes a commission of inquiry to unjustly probe alleged war crimes and violations of international law by the nation defending its citizens from rocket attacks and terror tunnels rather than the terrorist group whose depravity makes a policy of using its citizens as human shields while its terror commanders flee to fortified bunkers.”
  • Rep. Israel (28/07/2014): “That the UN is choosing to wrongly investigate Israel’s actions rather than condemning Hamas’ continual violation of international law is simply despicable. That’s why I join my colleagues in calling on the UN to rethink its course.”
  • Rep. Ros-Lehtinen (28/07/2014): “Hamas’ use of Palestinian men, women and children as human shields and its indiscriminate rocket attacks against innocent Israeli civilians illustrates the crass indifference Hamas shows for human life. Yet the very body at the UN—the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)—that was created to protect and promote human rights around the world couldn’t even muster a word to denounce this egregious and intolerable violation of international humanitarian law. This letter puts the UNHRC on alert that it can no longer continue its anti-Israel agenda, and it must investigate Hamas’ human rights violations.”

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The 20 Israeli appeals ignored by the U.N. this year

On at least 20 separate occasions this year, the Israeli government appealed to the UN to take action against Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, in letters sent to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the Security Council.

In these letters, Israel urged the United Nations to act against repeated rockets attacks from Gaza against Israeli civilians, and,  at a minimum, to speak out and condemn the  attacks.

“Inaction today could help ignite an escalation of conflict tomorrow,” Israel warned the UN, while exercising astonishing measures of restraint that no other country facing a similar onslaught of rockets has ever shown.

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Israeli appeals on rocket fire ignored by the UN, 2000-2008

From 2000 to 2008, Israel sent letters to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council, describing the Palestinian firing of rockets against Israeli town and cities, as well as suicide attacks. The UN took no action; on the contrary, it devoted a disproportionate amount of its time and energy to demonizing Israel.

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