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ILO on Auto-Pilot against Israel

The ILO issued a deeply flawed, misleading and misrepresentative of realities report on the Palestinian territories.

Last month, at the 103rd session of the International Labour Conference, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN agency dealing with labor issues, presented their 2014 report on “The situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories.” The report, however, is deeply flawed, misleading and misrepresentative of realities on the ground.

The report puts sole responsibility for the economic hardships, poor working conditions, stalled growth and deteriorating markets of the Palestinian’s economy on the Israeli “occupation.” The report echoes the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, who proclaims, with simplicity, “The economic situation is really difficult, and the main reason is the Israeli occupation.”

  • The ILO report holds only one party responsible for “Barriers to economic development in the West Bank” — Israel.
  • The report blames Israel for the “Deepening of Gaza’s six-year siege [which] paralyses [the] economy.”
  • In a section titled “Rising tensions and violence,” the report discusses in depth violence against Palestinians throughout the West bank. This includes discussions of:
    • “Violent acts and intimidation by Israeli settlers against Palestinians and their property.”
    • “Serious concerns are being expressed that occupation and settler activity is leading to a dangerous culture of impunity.”
    • “In addition to settler violence, there is a worrying trend of violence linked to confrontations between Israeli armed forces and Palestinians.”
    • “A recent United Nations report notes that Israeli settlement-related activities and settler violence are at the core of most of the violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including the right to freedom of movement, work, health, education, housing and an adequate standard of living (UN, 2014b).”

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Rare: UN High Commissioner details abuses of PA & Hamas against Palestinians

When it comes to UN reporting on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, it is usually the case that Israel is mostly criticized, with a brief reference in the end calling for Hamas to stop firing missiles and rockets against Israeli civilians. However, a recent report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, apart from listing Israel’s alleged violations, it dealt in great detail on the serious human rights violations of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority against their own people, regular Palestinian civilians. Some of the main findings are provided below.

This report also reveals the great protection gap that exists in the UN system with regards to the rights of the Palestinian people, as the so-called Special Rapporteur on Palestine only looks at Israel’s actions and has no mandate to examine violations committed by the PA or Hamas.

One of the dubious parts of the report however was quoting former Special Rapporteur on violence against women Yakin Erturk, who, in 2005, bizarrely blamed Israelis for the  fact that Palestinians maltreat their wives. Scapegoating is an old sport and playing the blame game only finds excuses for abusers not to take action.

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The 20 Israeli appeals ignored by the U.N. this year

On at least 20 separate occasions this year, the Israeli government appealed to the UN to take action against Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, in letters sent to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the Security Council.

In these letters, Israel urged the United Nations to act against repeated rockets attacks from Gaza against Israeli civilians, and,  at a minimum, to speak out and condemn the  attacks.

“Inaction today could help ignite an escalation of conflict tomorrow,” Israel warned the UN, while exercising astonishing measures of restraint that no other country facing a similar onslaught of rockets has ever shown.

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Israeli appeals on rocket fire ignored by the UN, 2000-2008

From 2000 to 2008, Israel sent letters to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council, describing the Palestinian firing of rockets against Israeli town and cities, as well as suicide attacks. The UN took no action; on the contrary, it devoted a disproportionate amount of its time and energy to demonizing Israel.

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