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UN: Hypocrisy Suffocates Human Rights

Statement delivered by Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, to the UN Human Rights Council in its debate under Agenda Item 4, “Human Rights Situations That Require the Council’s Attention,” 16 June 2011.

Madam President,

If human rights standards are applied selectively, in what sense can they be considered standards?  The credibility of the United Nations turns on this question.

Let us consider and compare two events.

One year ago, this council was holding a three-week session, just like this one. Suddenly, the Arab and Islamic states demanded an interruption, to debate the deaths of nine members of a so-called humanitarian flotilla. As it happens, many of the passengers had been recruited by the Jihadi IHH organization, and had boasted of their seeking to die as martyrs.

No procedure existed for interrupting a session. So something new was created, called the “Urgent Debate.”   Continue reading ‘UN: Hypocrisy Suffocates Human Rights’

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