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Libyan Head of “Durban II” Anti-Racism Conference to Address General Assembly

Guess who’s coming to town?  The Libyans, of course.  Fresh from his uncontested victory at the Security Council (see our previous blog), Colonel Qaddafi will be smiling again as Mrs. Najat Al-Hajjaji — the Libyan envoy who in August was appointed to chair “Durban II,”  a series of major UN anti-racism conferences through 2009 — heads to New York soon to address the General Assembly about her progress. The Human Rights Council President made the formal request on behalf of Al-Hajjaji in this October 15th letter.

UN Watch condemns election of Qaddafi’s Libya to UN Security Council

Geneva Oct. 16 —  UN Watch condemned the election of Libya today to the UN Security Council. “Electing Colonel Muammar Qaddafi to maintain international peace and security is like naming Jack the Ripper to fight sexual harassment,” said Hillel C. Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based monitoring organization. “We’re also concerned with the election of Vietnam, a country that continues to deny its citizens fundamental political and religious liberties.”

Neuer expressed concern that “the West is silent as Libya is quickly acquiring a series of new and important UN posts — including its unanimous August election as head of the UN’s “Durban II” anti-racism process through 2009 — even as its record on human rights remains appalling.” The UN and African Union will meet in Libya at the end of the month for Darfur peace talks.

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