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U.N. website’s Freudian slip: “Mideast” = “Palestine”

The home page of the U.N.’s news center displays focus sections on a handful of regions, one of which is the Middle East.

There one might expect to find special features on the brutal beatings, arrests, and show trials now occurring in Iran, reports about women subjugated in Saudi Arabia, and statements about bloggers and other dissidents arrested and jailed in Egypt and Syria.

Guess again: the “Middle East” section, it turns out, is all about Israel — with an endless stream of U.N. reports, resolutions and feature stories about Palestinian suffering from the evil Israelis. Under “Resolutions/Reports,” for example, there are numerous links to the webpage run by the Division for Palestinian Rights, a derivative of the U.N. General Assembly package, adopted on November 10, 1975, that gave the world the “Zionism is Racism” resolution. Continue reading ‘U.N. website’s Freudian slip: “Mideast” = “Palestine”’

“U.N. Watch sympathizers” blamed for opposing Durban 2 “so-called Holocaust denial”

On the second day of the U.N.’s “Question of Palestine” conference in Geneva, a participant said that the states who walked out of the Durban II racism conference were “UN Watch sympathizers” who protested “so-called Holocaust denial.”

The representative of the Third World Network organization also complained that UN Watch had invited Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz to speak at a side event during Durban II, and said it was wonderful that he could come to today’s U.N. conference and escape claims of anti-Semitism that are usually made when people debate Israel and Palestine. Continue reading ‘“U.N. Watch sympathizers” blamed for opposing Durban 2 “so-called Holocaust denial”’