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The Open Anti-Semitism on Richard Falk’s Blog

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As Richard Falk exits the UN, and as his wife Hilal Elver — who is co-director of the institute which sponsors the blog below — enters the UN as a newly-appointed investigator of its Human Rights Council, it is important to appreciate the open anti-Semitism that their heavily-moderated blog hosts on a regular basis, apart from Falk’s own notorious posts that have earned condemnation from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other world figures.

One example is the crude anti-Jewish rantings of a regular and approved commenter on Falk’s blog who goes by the name of Walker Percy. Continue reading ‘The Open Anti-Semitism on Richard Falk’s Blog’

U.S. and Canada blast today’s UN appointment of Richard Falk’s wife, citing ‘biased and inflammatory views’

U.S. and Canada blast today’s UN appointment of Richard Falk’s wife, citing ‘biased and inflammatory views,’ ‘abysmal judgment’ 

Goldstone Report Co-Author Christine Chinkin Loses Bid for Palestine Post to Indonesian Diplomat

Today, as controversial UN official Richard Falk ended his 6-year term as human rights investigator, the UN appointed his wife and academic partner, Hilal Elver Falk, to her own 6-year term as a human rights investigator. The couple co-direct a research institute.

GENEVA, May 8, 2014 —  UN Watch condemned the UN’s “bizarre, nepotistic, and politically-driven” decision today to hand a top human rights post to the controversial wife and academic partner of discredited official Richard Falk, on the same day that he ended his own 6-year term as UN investigator of Israeli violations.

Despite submitting an application form riddled with self-disqualifying answers, non-sequiturs, and more than 20 spelling mistakes, Hilal Elver (also known as Hilal Elver Falk) was named UN special rapporteur on the right to food, a position initiated by Cuba and first held by Jean Ziegler, founder and recipient of the Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize.

“Decisions like this threaten to turn the UN into a joke,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer.

“Falk was an open admirer of 9/11 conspiracy theorists and an apologist for terror groups whose term was finally up, so now the UN installed his closest professional collaborator — his wife.”

Elver and her husband Falk teachlecture and publish together. They also co-direct a research institute.

Falk was condemned repeatedly during his term by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the U.S., Britain and Canada for promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories and endorsing an anti-Semitic book.

At the same time, UN Watch welcomed the strong objections expressed by the U.S. and Canada, which followed a month-long protest campaign by the the Geneva human rights group.

U.S. Blasts Elver’s “Biased and Inflammatory Views”

“The United States again expresses its concern,” said the U.S. in a statement today, citing Elver’s “lack of relevant experience” and questioning “her readiness for this assignment.”

In addition, the U.S. pointed to Elver’s “biased and inflammatory views” regarding the United States and Israel, which it said “run counter to the dispassionate professionalism central to the work of a Special Rapporteur.”

The U.S. said the appointment “could reflect negatively on the Council’s other special procedures mandates, most of which produce crucial work that highlights, promotes, and protects human rights around the world.”

Canada FM Condemns Elver’s “Abysmal Judgment”

“Her public record clearly demonstrates abysmal judgment, as well as associations with fringe groups,” Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said in a letter sent to Baudelaire Ndong Ella, a diplomat from the African country of Gabon and current UNHRC president.

Elver is one of 19 academics and former diplomats named today as independent experts of the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council.

“Apart from Elver, many excellent people were chosen today, and we look forward to working with them to advance human rights for victims worldwide,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer.

“It is truly a shame that many of the independent experts who are the crown jewels of the UN human rights system should have their work tarnished by indefensible UN appointments driven purely by politics and anti-Western and anti-Israel ideological agendas.”

UN Watch had sent a letter, objecting to Elver’s failure to satisfy the UN post’s official criteria, to the U.S., Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Romania and the UK, all of whom are voting members on the UNHRC, and to Canada, an observer.

Elver has joined her husband on numerous occasions in supporting the work of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, and in accusing the West and Israel of Islamophobia and “genocide.”

“Hilal Elver is not only Richard Falk’s wife, employee and main collaborator, but she echoes his crude and simplistic post-colonial narrative, which demonizes America, the West, and Israel, while praising dictators like Erdogan and the books of 9/11 conspiracy theorists,” said Neuer.

Co-Author of Goldstone Report Loses Bid to Replace Falk; Indonesian Diplomat is Named Instead 

In an upset for LSE professor Christine Chinkin, co-author of the UN’s Goldstone Report, the council dropped her name as Falk’s intended replacement, instead naming former Indonesian diplomat Makarim Wibisono to the post.

This is second time that Chinkin applied yet failed to get the post. In 2006, she was defeated by Falk.

“While UN Watch was the first to express concerns over several of his past UN statements made on behalf of Indonesia,” said Neuer, “I met and interacted with Ambassador Wibisono in 2005 when he was Chair of the former UN Commission on Human Rights, a position that he fulfilled with fairness and professionalism.”

“Despite the bias inherent in this one-sided UN mandate, which only examines Israel and presumes guilt in advance, I hope that Ambassador Wibisono will turn a new page for the UN position.”

“Falk’s 6-year tenure was marked by baseless and inflammatory condemnations of Israel that only caused polarization, threatening to push the parties apart.”

“We need someone now who will respect universal standards, genuinely protect the human rights of all citizens, and uphold the UN’s purpose of bringing people together.”

Continue reading ‘U.S. and Canada blast today’s UN appointment of Richard Falk’s wife, citing ‘biased and inflammatory views’’

U.S. blasts UN appointment of Richard Falk’s wife Hilal Elver, citing ‘biased and inflammatory’ statements

UN Watch welcomes the following statement just issued now by the U.S. government, in response to our letter outlining Hilal Elver’s troubling record.


U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva

For Immediate Release | May 8, 2014


New Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

The United States again expresses its concern on today’s appointment of Hilal Elver by the UN Human Rights Council to be the new Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. Ms. Elver’s lack of relevant experience in this area raises questions about her readiness for this assignment. In addition, several of Ms. Elver’s previous publications include biased and inflammatory views regarding the United States and the state of Israel. These views run counter to the dispassionate professionalism central to the work of a Special Rapporteur. Furthermore, this appointment could reflect negatively on the Council’s other special procedures mandates, most of which produce crucial work that highlights, promotes, and protects human rights around the world.

Notwithstanding these concerns, the United States hopes Ms. Elver will use this position to take a constructive approach to addressing the complex challenges of global food security and nutrition.

It’s official: the UN appoints Richard Falk’s wife as a top human rights investigator

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It’s official: on the same day that disgraced UN official Richard Falk ended his 6-year term as a human rights investigator, the Human Rights Council has now appointed his wife, Hilal Elver Falk. The couple are not only husband and wife, but close professional partners in all of their work, co-directing an institute, co-authoring articles, and co-teaching classes. Elver Falk shares her husband’s anti-Western, anti-Israel ideology, and like him she has supported America’s most infamous 9/11 conspiracy theorist. See full story here.

Below is today’s UN press release. Continue reading ‘It’s official: the UN appoints Richard Falk’s wife as a top human rights investigator’

Letter to Samantha Power on UN bid to name Richard Falk’s wife to top post

The following UN Watch letter was sent today to U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power. Click here for PDF.



The Honorable Amb. Samantha Power
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
799 United Nations Plaza
New York, New York 10017

5 May 2014

Dear Ambassador Power,

UN Watch is deeply concerned over the proposed UN Human Rights Council appointment, scheduled for this Thursday, 8 May 2014, of Ms. Hilal Elver as the new Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. For the reasons set forth below, UN Watch urges the United States to oppose her candidacy, which we believe will harm the cause of human rights, damage the reputation of the United Nations, and undermine the interests of the United States.

As you know, the Right to Food mandate was conceived by Cuba in 2000 to be used as a political weapon against the U.S. and West, which is exactly what the first mandate-holder— Jean Ziegler, co-founder of the Muammar Gaddafi Human Rights Prize—did for eight years. A review of Ms. Elver’s record suggests that she would follow this politicized and prejudiced path. Continue reading ‘Letter to Samantha Power on UN bid to name Richard Falk’s wife to top post’

UN nominee mocks Canadian Prime Minister

For reasons that are unclear, and despite UN Watch’s online petition, no country has opposed the planned appointment next week of Hilal Elver — wife, co-author and close collaborator of 9/11 Truther Richard Falk — as a top U.N. human rights investigator.

As we documented here, Elver is as dangerous as Falk. She spouts virulent anti-Western and anti-Israel invective, and celebrates the works of 9/11 Truther David Ray Griffin.

During a recent lecture of hers in Hamilton, Ontario, about the perils of Islamophobia, Elver mocks Canada’s Prime Minister:


My talk, I will start first about Canada. Which I don’t have a very deep knowledge about Canada. I came here in just about one semester in Montreal to understand and compare to Canadian system how to deal with their Islam, and what is the difference between United States and Canada. That’s why I’m not very knowledgeable.

But what happened, your Prime Minister gave me a very good entry…

But the same prime minister, as we talked before, on September, came to the TV in CBS program and he talked about the Islamicism. We were talking about in dinner, is there a such English word about the Islamicism? I don’’t know, because I’’m not a native speaker, but it’’s an interesting kind of comparison I can make with Harper and the former President Bush, because he always says that kind of words and people think about is that really English or not?

Recently, there’’s a joke in the United States that Canada is the only country still run by George W. Bush. They always say that. There is a strong connection between your prime minister and the former president of the U.S.

He only did not talk about this very severe way of separating Muslims from the regular Canadian, he also confirmed that his plans to reinstate former security measures in an attempt to counter homegrown terrorism.

The first measure was preventive arrest, would grant police the right to arrest and detain suspects for three days without warrant or charge.

Second measure, if approved, would permit judge to force witnesses into secret testimonials, threatening them with jail time if they refuse. He says, we think these measures are necessary. They are going to be useful. They are not applied rarely but there are times they are needed, he claimed. But, according to human rights lawyers, the evidence does not show that it’’s a serious risk in Canada, and these measures that the government has used to fight terrorism in the last ten years has never been used against any particular threat.

Why he wants to bring again the same old law that they never been used? This shows that Canada is under serious influence on the United States, time to time, not always.


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